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There were familiar faces who inspired, Rosie Perez, Whoopi Goldberg, Yoko Ono, and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman — but the day belonged to those women who were committing themselves to change the culture behind the headlines.From the stage, newly-elected New Jersey Freeholder Ashley Bennett, a psychiatric emergency screener attending grad school, shared the story of how she had seen New Jersey Freeholder John Carman post a meme during last year’s Women’s March that read: “Will the women’s protest end in time for them to cook dinner?

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“When I announced my candidacy many people wrote me off because I’m just an ordinary woman,” Bennett recalled.“I wake up early, I go to work every day, I have student loans, and I have to check my bank account before I do just about anything — but I had to remind myself that when ordinary people stand up for what they believe, when they come together around a common purpose and a true desire to lift up everyone in the community, extraordinary things happen.” Bennett admitted that she was initially afraid and said, “If you feel the call and you’re afraid, just do it afraid.You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be willing.” Repeated by several speakers was the reminder that this emerging movement is not about vengeance.“I was made to feel that I should be grateful because I was not as good as a non-disabled woman,” she said.She also reminded that in the struggle for equal pay, disabled individuals earn 37 percent less overall than the able-bodied.Succinctly put by Bennett: “It’s about time, time for women to stand together, not just once a year but every day.” Sulma Arzu-Brown introduced herself as a Garifuna woman from Honduras, but she wears multiple hats as director of operations for the NYC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, co-owner of Boogie Down Grind Café in the Bronx, and author of the children’s book, “Bad Hair Does Not Exist.” On the stage with her mother and two young daughters, Arzu-Brown spoke emotionally of the sacrifice her mother made by leaving her and her brother behind in Honduras to come to the USA.In her native country, her mother was told she would not be promoted in her job because she was Black, Latina, Garifuna, and a woman. Often, women on stage spoke of helping younger women, mentoring them, supporting them whenever possible.“Our goal is to register one million women to vote by the November election,” Steinhardt explained, “We feel very strongly that women should know how to exercise their rights and the most basic example of that is voting.” On that initiative WMA is working with voter registration groups such as voter.org, Rock The Vote, and Voto Latino.While the marchers would hear that call to vote from speakers who rallied the assembled thousands on this good-for-marching 50-degree Saturday, they would mostly be moved by the stories of those who were not household names.She repeated the mission of registering a million women to vote before the 2018 midterm elections and reminded that on Sun., Jan.21, the Power to the Polls initiative was being launched in Las Vegas in conjunction with the Women’s March organizations.


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