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height: 260px;"\n THIS BLOG WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, SO VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK!\n This is a confessions blog: Feel free to submit your own thoughts and opinions on certain characters or events! ALL CONFESSIONS ARE SUBMITTED BY USERS, NOT THE ADMINS.\n Established June 10, 2013 and not affiliated with any Instagram accounts.Popularly known for her wide blue eyes and slender figure, Kaya Scodelario has portrayed her capabilities in E4 teen drama “Skins” as Effy Stonem. She was born in 13th of March, 1992 in Haywards Heath, England. Her career started at the age of 14 when she was cast in the first series of Skins in 2007. So, she was brought up by her mother and she adopted her surname ultimately.Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem is the main protagonist villain from the E4 TV series Skins.She is the younger sister of Tony Stonem and appears as a charismatic, manipulative hedonist.JJ ends up confronting her for ruining the friendship between Cook and Freddie. Sr's boat and fled with Cook throwing his father overboard.In season 4, she ends up dating Freddie again but after her previous actions feels awful and attempts suicide and becomes a victim to Dr. Foster who is seemingly treating her however he is really attempting to end up being Effy's lover himself.

It is unknown how she reacted to his death however she was most likely heartbroken.In season 7, she is living with Naomi Campbell and works in an office job with her boss Jake Abbasi convincing her to help him in his fraud work as well as a few other crimes.After Naomi is diagnosed with cancer and is on the brink of death Effy calls Naomi's girlfriend Emily down to London and the latter is furious at them both but eventually forgives Effy and goes to Naomi in her seemingly final moments.The pair had hooked up for real last year after getting steamy on-screen as Effy and bad boy Cook.But now Kaya, 17, is smitten with Elliott, 20, after a string of dates since the summer.The page Effy Stonem contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some.Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older.She also torments Freddie by having sex with Cook while the two were actually together leaving him depressed and hospitalises Katie Fitch by hitting her over the head with a rock and almost killed her leaving her unconscious laying in the woods.At the end of season 3, she is left with nobody but Cook and the two cause chaos and mayhem throughout Bristol, however she meets Cook's father and is disgusted by the man wanting nothing to do with him and is too afraid to tell Cook of his dad's true intentions instead calling Freddie for help.\n\n A masterlist can be found under the tag of 'masterlist'\n Note: Your confessions will be credited unless on anon.SKINS' Kaya Scodelario has shamelessly ditched her co-star for another actor.


  1. Elizabeth "Effy" Stonem is the main protagonist villain from the E4 TV series Skins. She is the younger sister of Tony Stonem and appears as a charismatic, manipulative hedonist.

  2. After an challenging debut in which she never spoke, Scodelario and Effy made quite an impression on viewers. and that's what sets 'Skins' apart.

  3. After Mini's fashion show in "Mini", the two agree to begin dating. Mini, however. Skins Fire depicts Effy as a 21-year-old hedge fund receptionist.

  4. Effy stonem skins show skins tv skins quotes skins effy skins relationship dating girlfriend boyfriend together. 21,081 notes

  5. Find and follow posts tagged skins uk on Tumblr. Log. who smoke #diy #dark #drawing #daddy #dating #. uk #effy skins #effy stonem #skins quotes #light #.

  6. Apr 01, 2018 This is just a random edit of my favorite charcater from Skins EFFY.

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