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Meanwhile, all estimates suggest a 6 to 15 percent growth of Ukraine’s GDP by 2030 within the Custom Union.A comparative analysis of Ukraine’s two economic integration options seems to leave no room for doubt: participation in the Eurasian integration project would increase Ukraine’s GDP by 7.5 percent by 2030, compared to a GDP level that an association with the EU would bring (see Table 1).

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What makes the situation odd is that the course towards European integration, which Kiev is being pressed to take, is economically flawed.Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt’s statement (made at the 10th Yalta Forum “Changing Ukraine in a Changing World: Factors of Success” on September 20, 2013) is even more reckless.He claimed that Ukraine’s membership in the Customs Union would cause its GDP to plunge by 40 percent, and promised a 12-percent growth of GDP if Ukraine signed the Association Agreement.The countries associated with the EU do not have any right to participate in drawing or adopting these regulations; they must obey them unconditionally.They also pledge to take part in settling regional conflicts under EU guidance.A special supra-national body – an Association Council – will monitor an associated member’s commitments. Economic expediency is not considered in discussing this political decision.The EU has ignored the Ukrainian Cabinet’s timid attempts to broach the question of investments to modernize the Ukrainian industry in order to have it adapted to the European technical regulation norms and ecological requirements.” has as simple an answer, formulated by lobbyists for Ukraine’s integration with Europe: to prevent Ukraine’s integration with Russia in the Common Economic Space of the Eurasian Economic Community (Eur As EC).As Ukrainian opposition member Yuri Lutsenko said, “Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the European Union is an emergency brake to stop its progress towards integration with Russia.” HOLLOW PROMISES To calm down the Ukrainian public, European political emissaries resort to barefaced lies.Moreover, its association with the EU would not only hit the economy, already in a pitiful state, but would also aggravate its conflict with the breakaway Dniester Republic.Until quite recently, Armenia, too, was pressed to make a similar political choice.


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