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Facebook mobile news feed not updating Gocam2cam

I have a problem with regards to the New Feed in the Facebook app (by Microsoft Corporation). Is this a setting issue which I need to rectify or something else.I am using the NOKIA LUMIA 925 with Windows Phone 8.1 OS. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice, but still nothing seems to work.The images/photos are not visible in any of the News Feeds. Facebook is a major social networking app and it being an Microsoft app not working on Windows Phone is really very disappointing. Unlike Twitter, which shows you every single tweet from people you follow (and from some you don’t), Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what to show you.It essentially detects friends with whom you interact little on the social network and asks if you want to move them into the Acquaintances group, which the News Feed highlights less.

Posts from non-public Facebook pages can’t be displayed as they have an age or location restriction on them which prevent them from being publicly accessible via Facebook’s API.Once you’re done with the last entry, you should see this message: Clicking the blue “Rate More Posts” button will essentially let you take the survey again with 15 additional posts.We don’t think this is necessary unless you enjoyed the rating process.From here, unlike anything and everything you don’t want to see in your News Feed.Just like friends, you can also unfollow Pages without unliking them, though we wouldn’t recommend doing so since Pages can still push ads to your News Feed if you like them. As more users and companies not only join Facebook, but increasingly post and like more content, the social network’s main hub becomes more and more overloaded. These tips and tricks aren’t for them, they’re for you.Unfortunately, the algorithm is having a harder time figuring out what users think is good content.The company is constantly updating its system, especially lately, but if you have found that’s not enough, here are a few ways you can help it along. If you don’t want to spend time curating your Facebook account, just do these ones and you should see an improvement in your News Feed’s quality.Let’s start off with a trick that most Facebook users simply don’t know about.Login, go to your News Feed, and on any post you see, click the arrow in the top-right corner.


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