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Don't get me wrong, there are days that I wish he didn't want to make this a career, weekends I wish we could spend doing other things and weekends that he was home instead of on the road when I can't go with him.

This app would be better if it would go on a wide marketing campaign to get people on here and show the last time someone has been online.

Some of the largest specimens in the world swim in these lakes.

Although Dale Hollow is one of the crown jewels of the smallmouth world, Williams said he would choose Laurel River Lake for smallmouth larger than 6 pounds.

Trophy smallmouth suspend over these points, waiting for schools of shad or alewives to cruise by and provide dinner.

A 3-inch pearl Slider grub fished hook exposed on a ¼-ounce ball head is deadly in this situation.

Place two BB-sized split shots about 18 inches above the hook.

Long sloping points also hold big smallmouth bass in fall and winter on these lakes.

FRANKFORT — A look at the surface of Lake Cumberland right after dawn reveals a big, calm lake.

A few key points that I want to point out about dating someone in racing is that it's not as glamorous as the NASCAR trophy wives make it out to be.

Five and a half years later, and here we are; stronger together because of what we had gone through.

The charismatic British beauty said that advice was on the money, as she 'never stopped playing music' even though she took a different career path.(In 2004, Minnie released an album titled, Everything I've Got in My Pocket, and the titular single charted in the U.“Naomi feels totally blindsided by how quickly he moved on.” In fact, the outlet alleges Watts “now can’t help but wonder how long her ex has been romancing other women.” Adds the publication’s supposed snitch, “Naomi’s grilling Minnie about it.

Conveniently, left that detail out, or perhaps didn’t even know it, since the tabloid rarely seems to fact-check its stories.


  1. In the United States Patoka, Illinois, a village in Marion County. Patoka Township, Pike County. County Fishtrap Lake, LaPorte County Fox.

  2. Trails In Kentucky You Must Take If You Love The Outdoors. Breaks Interstate Park in Pike County. FishTrap Lake State Park in Eastern Kentucky

  3. Edgewood, Illinois topic. Pike County is said to be the home of Momo. IN, LaGrange County Fishtrap Lake, LaPorte County Fox Lake.

  4. Either cabled or wireless, these will monitor wind, rain, temperature, humidity, andbarometric pressure. Most can interface with a computer!

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