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Homosexual behavior in animals is sexual behavior among non-human species that is interpreted as homosexual or bisexual.

This may include same-sex sexual activity, courtship, affection, pair bonding, and parenting among same-sex animal pairs.

The presence of force, fraud or coercion indicates that the victim has not consented of his or her own free will.

Human trafficking victims make an alarmingly high number of consumer goods and food products, imported to the United States and produced domestically.

‘homosexual tandem running’ in termites), same-sex courtship or copulatory behavior occurring over a short period of time (e.g.

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At a minimum, one element from each column must be present to establish a potential situation of human trafficking.According to Bruce Bagemihl, the animal kingdom engages in homosexual behavior "with much greater sexual diversity – including homosexual, bisexual and nonreproductive sex – than the scientific community and society at large have previously been willing to accept." Simon Le Vay introduced caveat that "[a]lthough homosexual behavior is very common in the animal world, it seems to be very uncommon that individual animals have a long-lasting predisposition to engage in such behavior to the exclusion of heterosexual activities.Thus, a homosexual orientation, if one can speak of such thing in animals, seems to be a rarity." Its use in animal studies has been controversial for two main reasons: animal sexuality and motivating factors have been and remain poorly understood, and the term has strong cultural implications in western society that are irrelevant for species other than humans.Research indicates that various forms of this are found in every major geographic region and every major animal group.The sexual behavior of non-human animals takes many different forms, even within the same species, though homosexual behavior is best known from social species.Scientists perceive homosexual behavior in animals to different degrees.The motivations for and implications of these behaviors have yet to be fully understood, since most species have yet to be fully studied.More often than we realize, elements of forced labor may be present within the supply chain of products we buy or the services we pay for. In cases of labor trafficking, consumers provide the demand and profit incentive for traffickers.As economies around the world integrate, it is faster and easier for goods produced with forced labor to enter the global market. S., labor traffickers exploit and enslave both foreign nationals and U. These consumers can include companies that subcontract certain types of services, end-consumers who buy cheap goods produced by trafficking victims, or individuals who use the services of trafficking victims.See the Federal Laws page for more detailed definitions.Labor trafficking may be distinguished from other forms of labor exploitation by applying the Action Means Purpose Model.


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