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Over the years, I have been active as a representative of my class and as a member of the alumni magazine’s advisory board, and have edited a book of writings by a former rector, as St. My classmates include parents of current and recent students, some of whom knew Labrie well.

Before receiving this assignment, I had corresponded with the rector, Michael Hirschfeld—himself from the St.

In October, he was sentenced to a year in jail, five years of probation, and lifetime registry.

He remains free while he appeals the convictions, with a legal team led by the former president of the New Hampshire Bar Association and with a likely assist from Alan Dershowitz, who is himself in the midst of vigorously disputing allegations that he had sex with an under-age girl.

The school then reported the case to the local authorities as required by law.

The school kept painting over it, only to have the list repeatedly reappear.

The rise of social media has exacerbated the situation and driven such behavior underground to adult-free cyberspace.

What I’ve learned has made me as sorry as if I were covering a crisis in my own family—which, in a sense, I am. Paul’s and many of its students, alumni, and friends have insisted that what happened in this case was not representative of the broader culture of an institution that, since its founding, in 1856, has educated the cream of the American aristocracy.

Its distinguished alumni include the novelists Owen Wister and Rick Moody; the diplomats John Gilbert Winant and John F.


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