Fun dating ideas in nyc

Besides the creative release of it all, you’ll have something tangible, maybe even sentimental, to show (or Framebridge) from your hot date … You don’t have to bring anything but your bare soul — and favorite bottle of wine.

Alternatively, the Art Studio NY offers classes at the Met. A dramatically romantic sensation overcomes you the moment you sail through the gold hotel doors.

However, if you really want to impress the other person (and have them recognize that), there are so many special things to do in New York.

If you look around there are plenty of things you can do.

You get pillows, blankets, and unlimited popcorn, plus movie “snacks” from a James Beard winner, and strong cocktails stirred by someone who — no doubt — calls himself a celebrity mixologist. For at the door and no drink minimum (or maximum), there’s no better bang for your date-night buck. Because sitting with strangers in a random apartment, eating home-cooked food from an amateur chef, provides so many opportunities for bonding.

I am sure you will find something here that will get you excited.

Therefore, our list of fun first date ideas in NYC will contain the ideas that we find fun enough (and hope others do too) and the list is in no particular order, as quantifying fun is beyond us.

Of course, you might find our list a bit off from your idea of fun, please leave us a comment down below if you did.

I mean the dinner and drinks are not going anywhere, but for the “fun” first date, we’ve got you covered.

Obviously, what makes a “good” or “fun” first date is very subjective, as some might enjoy a nice chat over coffee while others may find bungee jumping off a cliff a fun idea.


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