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During the scene featuring Gunvalson, Gretchen Rossi, Kelly Dodd and Lizzie Rovsek, party guest Ricky Santana told the ladies he witnessed Eddie making out with a guy after Rossi asked, "Do you know if Eddie's gay or not? Then we got on the bus and we were all light drunk. Kelly shook her head because we have talked about that rumor privately but never on camera. Gunvalson: To the LGBTQ fans that watch the show, I adore you. She had my back, and you know it took me a little while to realize it.

" After the episode aired, Judge ripped her co-stars on Instagram: "How orchestrated and wrong was that? They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it's okay to try and Out a straight man hoping to humiliate him," she wrote. Too Fab: You and Kelly talked about it or you and all the girls? Gunvalson: I guess because she's the one that started it. If I did, I would have been mic'd up and I would have said, "Hey Kelly, have you heard that Eddie's gay or had a past? Too Fab: So what if Tamra, for instance, is aware of the past or that he considers himself even bisexual now.

Oh, so THAT's why she's been hanging out with Gretchen Rossi, Kyle Richards, and Joyce Giraud so much!!!

Still, no matter how babelicious and blonde the model might be, producers likely won't be caving in to her demands!

The network reportedly just isn't into making any switcheroos.

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more positioning that by what you ladies were saying about Eddie is basically saying that gay is less than, gay is a negative. Gunvalson: No, she's taking it and twisting it which is what she does. If you are married to a woman and you are a man and you have had a past... No, I don't dislike gays, I don't dislike lesbians. As long as he loves Tamra and he's loyal to her and monogamous to her as his wife, I'm good because I care about Tamra. You don't like the fact that I repeated a rumor you had already known? Gunvalson: Tamra, as God as my witness, I never meant for it to go this far. She's the one who has made this a bigger deal than it needs to be. Too Fab: Why do you think Tamra thinks you orchestrated this scene? Look at our faces, we had no idea that her friend Ricky was going to reveal this at my birthday party. which I’ve seen the show and see that you do have gay friends, and gay stylists and it's Cali in 2017. Too Fab: I don't want to pass judgement because it's personal. Gunvalson: Tamra can't ever look at herself and address it. It was my birthday party, it wasn’t about Gretchen or Eddie. but wasn’t it Gretchen who started the conversation? So why would it be something that would be addressed on camera because what it sort of feels like is that Eddie is collateral damage. Hypothetically, put your son or former boyfriend in this situation. The fifth season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County kicks off with Vicki Gunvalson enjoying life, traveling, working hard and strengthening her relationship with her husband, Donn.Jeana Keough's business has collapsed under the weight of the sagging economy and she's forced to economize – something she admits she's not very good at doing. Gossiping at Vicki's party, the girls (sans Tamra of course) all tuned in as Tamra's former friend Ricky Santana, claimed he saw the fitness enthusiast with a guy: Well, as Monday's episode aired, the housewife turned bodybuilder slammed the cast for being homophobic!Taking to both Twitter and Instagram, Tamra posted: Tags: eddie judge, gretchen rossi, instagram, kelly dodd, lizzie rovsek, real housewives, real housewives of orange county, reality tv, rhoc, ricky santana, tamra judge, tv news, twitter, vicki gunvalson .So if Eddie had a past of being with another man then that was his choice. So if you're married and you have a past that you don't want to talk about or that you don't want your wife's friends to talk about, then that means there's something more to it. Diego worked for Eddie's father's law firm when Eddie worked there. Invitations are already out but I'll send you one if you want to come. Ricky and Tamra used to be friends but it also validated me that I didn’t start this rumor. Gunvalson: No, the Producers had nothing to do with this. There was a rumor that I didn't invite Ricky but I did. Too Fab: So you're saying to Tamra, to the viewers, to everyone, that you didn't orchestrate it, you didn't start the rumor... We were sitting at a table and we were talking like old times. These blonde, sassy bombshells are UNSTOPPABLE together![ pixie Lydia Mc Laughlin has announced that she will NOT return for season 9.


  1. Tamra Judge Goes On The Attack After 'Homophobic' RHOC Costars Question Eddie’s Sexuality AGAIN. it seems like Gretchen and her. Gretchen Rossi might be.

  2. But I’m excited the show’s on again.” GRETCHEN ROSSI. She’s no longer the new kid on the block. In fact. is still seriously dating Slade Smiley, 42.

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  4. Oct 10, 2012 Slade Smiley's 12-year-old son Grayson is tragically back in. Divorce & She’s ‘Good Lookin’– Dating Again. of Gretchen Rossi.

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