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Has emma watson dating rupert grint

Emma served as a creative advisor on the spring/summer line which was launched in February 2010. Emma's fellow Harry Potter's co-stars was also nominated Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley was second place, Evanna Lynch who play Luna Lovegood was third place, Rupert Grint who plays Ron Weasley was fifth place, Tom Felton who plays Draco Malfoy was fourteenth place, and Daniel Radcliffe who plays Harry Potter was eighteenth place in Portrait Magazine, Top 30 Under 30 2009 List.

In March 2010, Emma performed in Anton Chekov's Three Sisters.

With London I went a bit more classic but for today I wanted to do something edgier' Excited: Daniel Radcliffe, who has starred for a decade as the boy wizard, said he was 'sweating like pig in labour' with all the excitement, while Rupert Grint said he would miss people screaming his name Daniel, who turns 22 next week, was also shown a picture of himself as 12-year-old at his very first Harry Potter premiere.

He laughed, 'I'm basically the same aren't I, I look the same, with just a slightly deeper voice.' Speaking about his last outing as the boy wizard, Daniel said: 'I said to someone the other day, "It’s like the emotional range of Shakespeare with the action and blood of Tarantino." The body count in this film is massive.'The fashion-forward outfit was only let down by her black patent and cork wedges.

It was one of those instant things where you're like, 'Oh, I really like this person.' You just have a connection with somebody, and then suddenly it's incredibly easy to talk to them.

It was one of those sort of situations," Daniel said about their relationship in a 2014 interview with Emma is very private about her love life and doesn't discuss her relationships in interviews.

In 20, she again played the brainy Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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On September 17, 2009, Emma announced on her official website and as reported in the Guardian that she will be collaborating on a fashion line with People Tree, the sustainable and fair trade fashion brand.At the age of eleven, Watson made her professional acting début in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone playing vulnerable know-it-all Hermione Granger.In 2002, she starred in the Potter sequel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.You could enroll in the same college as her, and perhaps meet her there.(see Related Question below) You might be able to see her at a movie premiere or awards show. When Ron Weasley opens the Horcrux it shows him his worst nightmare, his best friend with the girl he loves. But you can register on facebook,then find her official page,and become her fan clicking "like" button,then you can write smth on her wall or comment her photos/threads as soon as she post it,and if you will be the first one who did it,maybe, MAYBE she will read it.)))If she returns for spring semester in 2013, then she should have three semesters left, so June 2014.Of course, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe actually kissed while one brother Alex Watson She has a full brother named Alex, two half sisters, Nina and Lucy,and a half brother, Toby from her dad's new partner. I don't know what mark on the hairdye, but you can buy hairdye atyour hairdresser, that's a litte bit more expensive than regularones, but they are supergood.The actor's rep confirmed the engagement news to E! , is currently in a relationship with singer-songwriter An Del.In early October, Evanna posted a series of selfies with her BF. London's such a melting pot that you can always find lovely people.At school, she took the lead role in several plays, including Arthur: The Young Years and The Happy Prince.Along with plays, Emma participated in many other school productions, including the Daisy Pratt Poetry Competition, in which she won first place for her year at age seven.


  1. No. They are not dating and never have. Both say they are like siblings. Their characters in the Harry Potter series Ron and Hermione are married though.

  2. Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, has admitted having a crush on his co-star Emma Watson.

  3. You’d probably think that the moment Rupert Grint, playing Ron, got to kiss Emma Watson, playing Hermione, was a memorable one for the actors.

  4. Emma Watson dating timeline. 16 Cuties Emma Watson Has, Quote-Unquote, Dated. we’re not talking about Rupert Grint. *sigh*

  5. Fans have gone wild over rumours that Emma Watson is secretly dating Glee star Chord. Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. She has been single.

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