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So if you've exhausted all the current summer viewing options, I've got some suggestions for y'all!

With FYA's rewatch projects currently underway, I've been thinking a lot about shows of the past.

There are tons of dated pop culture references (and BEEPERS!

Dennis Duffy would be proud, dummy.) -- a pos for me, though you may feel differently.

And Allison Mack is her magnificent self as Kate, the brainy girl who constantly challenges Jed, and the one who he should actually be crushing on (because OBVIOUSLY. ), in which the dramz onscreen is nothing compared to what's going on behind the scenes.

Originally a Joe Lando vehicle, the series may be more well known for some of the actors who played the Cliffhangers: Hayden Christensen pre-Anakin; Jewel Staite pre-Kaylee; Kyle Downes pre-Tudgeman; A. This was actually the first thing I've ever seen Irene Molloy in, but she's so deserving of a shout-out.Her character Hunter is the brand of batshizz crazy that you love to watch on TV but would get restraining orders against if you actually knew her.Sure, there's smiley non-broody Milo, and the series basically starts with him shirtless (it's OK! But my inner feminist is sort of confused about how this show makes me feel.There's a storyline in the pilot with Jed campaigning for the school to better accommodate its male students.(It should also come to no surprise that Hunter is the Shannen Doherty.) And in one of my dream TV crossovers, Hunter Fallow would meet up with Amanda Tannen from ) plays the new addition to the cast, so obvs Hunter hates her with the inferno of a thousand burning suns.And hey, it's Kyle Howard again -- this time, as Dave the stand-in.Even if you don't plan on watching the show, you should at least check that out.Familiar Faces: The aforementioned Milo Ventimiglia stars as Jed, and his hair is bad enough to rival early Dean! Kyle Howard is nerdy keener Phil, and change-resistant Stella is played by Lindsey Mc Keon (from such things as is a hit teen soap (if only that were true IRL!And Jesse Eisenberg is pretty adorable, which is worth the price of admission alone.Upon rewatch of the pilot, I actually LOL'd a few times!


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