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Illicit encounters dating agency

It’s a business, it makes us money and who are we to judge the actions of others?” Despite being defensive of her husband’s website, Amelia admits it doesn’t sit well with her own morals.Not all affairs have a positive effect on a marriage – some can be very damaging.” Denise Knowles is a counsellor with Relate, the marriage guidance experts, and says people should resist the temptation of such websites.“Having a fling with another married person isn’t going to work like a plaster on your marriage,” she says.They operate in the same way as singles internet dating sites – members pay a hefty sign-on fee, usually in excess of £100 for a two-month period, create profiles for themselves and then connect with other members.Kim Scott says her husband’s involvement with this industry hasn’t altered her views on infidelity.First thing to say is that many of the complains are justified: it is expensive, and the VKs/messages etc. Some women read your profile and just aren't interested, others there's an initial back and forth before one of you drop out, and then others progress. The first was more attractive in photos, but still a nice normal lady, but we left it after the first *date*. Read Full Review Spent a lot of money - and time writing a genuine profile and sending messages to what seemed to be compatible ladies.that tumble into your box as soon as you sign up are almost invariably fakes - that is, they appear to be site-generated even if some of them originate from authentic profiles (I emailed one woman to ask why she had VK'ed me as her profile stipulated a man over 6' tall, and she replied that she hadn't… Read Full Review I've read a few reviews of this on here and am surprised. One played me along with alluring messages, only to try to get me to join (and pay) another dating site.

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“Close friends and family know about Adam’s job but if we’re at a drinks party and somebody asks what my husband does I simply say he is CEO of a social networking site.

I can’t deny though that Adam’s job has opened my eyes to the reasons why people have affairs and it has made me more understanding of some of the triggers.

There are many members on the website who have a disabled or terminally ill partner and they love them dearly but miss a sexual relationship.” What, then, is it like being married to a man who makes a mint from infidelity?

Neither has committed or been on the receiving end of adultery.

“Adultery wouldn’t stop if our website didn’t exist, it just makes it more accessible.


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