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Japanese dating sims for xbox 360

I have been very cynical and yet mildly curious about the game since Capcom announced it. And that Capcom has given us the indirect message that it's not one of their, shall we say, AAA titles. I've snorkeled before and I have experienced the amazing sensation of seeing exotic fish and underwater locales for the first time, and I've come to the conclusion that this game is, without any doubt, created by a group of likeminded, fanatical scuba diving who also happen to make games.So, being an open-minded fellow, I dug into what can only be called the world's second scuba-simulation-RPG. Story The early part of the story works well enough. Taking on the role of Leonardo again, players go sailing with Leo's bald, aging buddy Zuccho (a possible Queequeg reference? But because Zuccho didn't research the ocean conditions beforehand, your vessel is caught in a devastating storm, forcing you onto a small, nearly uncharted Caribbean island (called Valentir Island)., a volleyball/dating sim with hard bodied Japanese women.Nothing particularly wrong with that, it's just different.There's more of a fantasy element that having cartoons takes advantage of. You look at a hot woman and part of you thinks: "I bet she's high maintenance." You look at a cartoon lady and you think: "I wonder if purple is her natural hair color." See, this is where it helps to have a detached sense of reality from years of overly indulgent gaming habits.

Gameplay In truth, is a scuba-exploration game disguised as an RPG. Half the game is spent exploring underwater locales, while the other half is spent bartering, selling, buying and learning about the story.

Maybe people didn't think there'd be a market for it.

Love is out there for everyone, but for some people, it's found within their computer screen.

They're just the female side where the player (typically) pursues male love interests.

Why bishoujo games, the male equivalent which the genre was built on aren't being localized but otome games are is beyond me.


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