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Jonathan rhys myers dating

Thank you God & Birthing Instincts, #Happy Mid Wife Day." Mara and Jonathan got engaged in December 2014 after beginning their relationship in the same year.

The former alcoholic had a bad relapse in 2015 and was seen drinking a bottle of vodka alone on the streets of London.

The London-based Irish actor, 29, has used his sinewy, Calvin Klein-model good looks well, whether playing an assassin in Michael Collins, a spandexed glam rocker in Velvet Goldmine, or a vicious bushwhacker in Ang Lee's Civil War epic, Ride with the Devil.

He also scooped up a Golden Globe for his 2005 portrayal of the original pelvis-swiveler in the miniseries Elvis. "For months and months and months, I refused to tell anybody that I'd been in a film called Bend It Like Beckham.

"Wolf was born in his caul sak (like his Mama was) so...

It's on that shelf with Dirty Dancing, Footloose, and Beaches." That said, the actor, who currently has a nonceleb girlfriend in London, does seem more at home on the dark side, particularly as a social climber who gets away with murder in Woody Allen's Match Point.

"I think everybody's got a malicious side," he says. And if you think they are, you're sadly mistaken." Of course, you can't blame him for trying to achieve perfection while at work.

I know what it's like to die in the Battle of Waterloo.

And I know what it's like to be King of England in the 16th century." Really? "It's just another fantasy fascination I could have in my head.


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