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I hate that we live in such a prurient society that nudity is automatically associated with sex, rather than appreciation of the human form. She's not posed suggestively, she's not showing any body parts that would get her arrested.

A media storm is raised that forces a 15 year old girl to say she is embarassed for being secure enough in her own skin to pose matter-of-factly and artistically and then we wonder why girls have self-esteem and body image issues?!?

Who cares for one and for 2, it really is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!

This morning on NPR (yeah I know) it was suggested that this is a calculated move by Cyrus and her people, since she is outgrowing her fan base of 10 y/o girls.

It's no surprise that the Miley Cyrus photo scandal is the talk du jour.

Everyone -- from The Post Style section to mommy blogs to Jamie Lee Curtis -- is adding voice to the question of whether semi-topless Vanity Fair pix (released on the heels of last week's leaked Miley bra shots) of the 15-year-old Disney star have gone too far.

So its alright to expose a young girl who is extremely unrealistic to the masses by plastering them in ads, on tv or billboards, but wrong to present a realistic view of an actual young girl. Second, the fact that the kid is a kid means it's up to her parents/guardians to make business decisions on her behalf.

Third, if the parents' business decisions were poor, it's on them: not on the kid, not on the photographer, not on the magazine. When the post is linked from the front page and everybody and their brother drops in.

Okay we've been overwhelmed by "fashionista" photos extremely similar to this one; however, those young women present an unrealistic view for girls. hannah is exposing a normal teenage girl with a normal body that isn't overtly plasticized or even anorexic, but highly more successful than those "pimped" sticks. First of all, Annie Leibowitz is a genius photographer.

A coworker and I once deconstructed all the subliminal sexuality on her first album cover. Her handlers spent a lot of effort treading that little girl/Lolita fine line.

And then when she turned eighteen she just dove off the deep end. All the ones who say she looks exploited have hit the nail on the head.

In an utterly unscientific insta-poll conducted here yesterday, 72 percent of Celebritology readers think Miley Cyrus and her parents/management are using the Vanity Fair photo kerfuffle -- and their buyers' remorse -- as calculated plays for press.

So, because we're so easily led down the path of manufactured starlet scandals, I thought we'd delve just a little deeper into the Great Miley Scandal of '08.


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