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Further, other signs of entering the Church such as sacred silence, and genuflecting are increasingly absent. Even in my own short life I remember when going to Mass on Sunday was a formal affair, at least before 1970.As a young boy and teenager I had special Sunday shoes, hard black ones, and would not dream of going to church in jeans or a t-shirt.

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It is interesting that, to my knowledge, Jews no longer use this sign of reverence. I remember being outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and seeing hundred of pairs of shoes lined up on the patio outside.What the Illuminati does not know about you now, it will know in the future if you are accepted.Furthermore, remember there are infinite ways to answer the questions in the application.Please do not use childish things like “*i Telephone number, including country code: Enter this correctly.If you are incapable of finding out your country’s telephone code, you are not a suitable candidate for the Illuminati.The questions below are the same as those that appear on the official Illuminati membership form (see image link above). The opening question is, however, an opportunity to make your application stand out.I shall now show you how to complete the form in order to apply to join the Illuminati. Write your name in full, exactly as it appears on your passport or other legal document. Consider introducing yourself with flair, for example (and do not copy this): “My name is _______________, but my heart beats in secrecy; I am nameless and faceless in the eyes of the New World Order.” Preferred pseudonym: Choose your pseudonym carefully.For instructions on mailing your Illuminati membership form, please read .First things first: do not lie on your Illuminati application form.On entering Church we were expected to maintain a sacred silence, and, upon entering, to bless ourselves with Holy Water and genuflect on entering our pew. These were ways we “removed our sandals” and acknowledged we were on holy ground and before the Presence of the Lord. A few “old folks” keep the traditions, and, interestingly, some younger twenty-somes as well!But for the vast majority of Catholics today, at least here in America, there is little visible or tangible equivalent of removing the sandals from our feet.


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