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The medical professional performing the ultrasound must certify in writing whether the woman chose to see the image.

Additionally, a copy of the picture and the written certification must be kept in the woman’s medical records at the facility for seven years.

“As an administrator of four women’s health centers across the Commonwealth, I have witnessed first-hand the barriers that Virginia’s mandatory ultrasound and 24-hour waiting period law places on women.

Politicians decided that providers must perform an ultrasound at least 24 hours before the actual abortion procedure.

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Harvie Wilkinson III wrote in the unanimous three-judge ruling.And if recent history is any guide, the newly passed requirement will be immediately challenged in court.Walker has vowed to sign the bill that would add Wisconsin to a list of just four other states enacting laws requiring women to undergo ultrasounds and be given the chance to view the screen and hear a description of the fetus or the fetus’ heartbeat, according to the Guttmacher Institute.Women who are victims of reported rape or incest or who are in a medical emergency would not be required to undergo the procedure, according to the bill.The controversial measure passed the Senate and Assembly this week after hours of impassioned charges by Democrats that the goal is to shame women who have made the deeply personal decision to undergo a legal medical procedure. Pat Strachota, R-West Bend, insist the requirement is about giving women the most information possible before they make a life-altering decision.Although providers say ultrasounds sometimes are done before an abortion, opponents say forcing a woman to have what may be a medically unnecessary test and hear a description of the fetus is cruel and an unwanted intrusion into the doctor-patient relationship. They argue that requiring women to undergo ultrasounds and to receive information about the fetus may prompt them to change their minds and avoid potential regret later on.But studies are mixed on whether requiring a woman to have a pre-abortion ultrasound is likely to change her decision.This law means our patients are forced to return to our facility twice, on separate days, for no medical reason.That all requires additional travel expenses, child care costs, and time off from work.Sonya, who declined to give her last name at a legislative hearing June 5, said she made the decision not to abort her 7-week-old fetus after getting a free ultrasound in November from a group that advertised on a Milwaukee bus.It’s just the type of conversion that Republicans hope will become more common if Senate Bill 206 — which would be one of the most comprehensive pre-abortion ultrasound requirements in the nation — is enacted into law.


  1. Virginia mandates ultrasounds for all abortion-seekers. You must have an ultrasound at least 24 hours before your abortion AND be asked to see it.

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