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Mirc sex chat and dates

We will even teach some seriously deadly hacker "exploits" that run on Perl using Linux.

You can even make it into the ranks of the Uberhackers without loading up on expensive computer equipment. II we introduce Linux, the free hacker-friendly operating system. Linux is so good that many Internet Service Providers use it to run their systems. III we will also introduce Perl, the shell programming language beloved of Uberhackers.

But they are only illegal if you run them against someone else's computer without their permission.

&$%" Go study something that seriously challenges your intellect such as "Unix for Dummies," OK? But if your plan is to become "elite," you will do better if you read all the Guides, check out the many Web sites and newsgroups to which we will point you, and find a mentor among the many talented hackers who post to our Hackers forum or chat on our IRC server at and on the Happy Hacker email list (email [email protected] with message "subscribe"). You can count on anything in Volumes I, II and III being so easy that you can jump in about anywhere and just follow instructions. You can learn how to either exploit them -- or defend your computer against them! We will also open the gateway to an amazing underground where you can stay on top of almost every discovery of computer security flaws. We will do our best to warn you when we describe hacks that could get you into trouble with the law. In addition, every state and every country has its own laws. But the best protection against getting busted is the Golden Rule. How to Not Get Busted One slight problem with hacking is that if you step over the line, you can go to jail. However, we have a Guide to (mostly) Harmless Hacking Computer Crime Law Series to help you avoid some pitfalls. To read these books you would think that it takes many years of brilliant work to become one. And if you get on one of the hacker news groups on the Internet and ask people how to do stuph, some of them insult and make fun of you. We see many hackers making a big deal of themselves and being mysterious and refusing to help others learn how to hack. Because they don't want you to know the truth, which is that most of what they are doing is really very simple! We, too, could enjoy the pleasure of insulting people who ask us how to hack. About the Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking We have noticed that there are lots of books that glamorize hackers. Of course, the cute spelling stuph we use will go out of date fast. _________________________________________________________ Subscribe to our email list by emailing to with message "subscribe" Want to share some kewl stuph with the Happy Hacker list? Send your messages to [email protected] To send me confidential email (please, no discussions of illegal activities) use [email protected] and be sure to state in your message that you want me to keep this confidential. For example, a hacker might spell "elite" as "3l1t3," with 3's substituting for e's and 1's for i's. The Guides sometimes use these slang spellings to help you learn how to write email like a hacker.


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