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She also gave a hot performance on the song “Take Away” which was a tribute to the late Aaliyah.

She killed that song along with Missy and Ginuwine.

People would roll down their windows saying, "Isn't she cute?

At family picnics they'd put me on the table and I'd just start singing.

Remember when Devante had the a helluva musical empire with Swing Mob?

His label birthed stars such as Ginuwine, Timbaland, Eventually, Missy had enough and she split. Then ‘, which was produced by Elliott and Timbaland, was a hit, landing No. However, her musical success was short lived because her follow-up album unfortunately bombed.

In an interview with Sirius XM’s ‘Heart and Soul,’ Tweet sat down and shared how she met Missy Elliot.

We had no idea that she was even dating him, but now they are prepping for their engagement. There are also rumors that Tweet and her boo will be getting a reality show real soon.

Wanting to give up, Tweet’s fans consistently contacted her to let her know that she was loved and missed in the music industry.

Tweet was encouraged that she touched the lives of others and she was ready to come back: “I wanted to give up.

She was silent again before dropping a mixtape called “Simply Tweet” in 2013, but she is back and shouting it from the rooftops with her 2016 album “Charlene”.

Now at first we were wondering what Charlene meant, it wasn’t until today that we found out that it is actually Tweet’s government first name.


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