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Harries5 Lipton, Limited7, 9 Cavendish Furniture Co, Ltd11 Andrew Foster – Mc Donald Bros, Ltd13 Probate Office J J Gibson, B A Miss E Norris (caretaker)15 W G O’Doherty & Co17 Vacant19 Vacant21 Wm G O’Doherty & Co James Toland Registrar of Births and Marriages, Capt Thos L Minniece YP Football Pools James Anderson & Co Masonic Hall (caretaker, A E Struthers)Palace yard27 Vacant29 Miss Martin31 Catherine Mullan Bernard Mullan (shop)33 John Mc Hugh35 John Mc Hugh (shop)John Mc Hugh (house)37 Kathleen Carton39 Arthur Breslin (shop)41 James Wray43 Michael Farren45 Joseph Mc Elroy45 Samuel .

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This goddess is often associated both with Gowrī/Parvati, the benevolent goddess of harmony, marital felicity and longevity, with Durga, goddess of strength and valour, and with Mahakali, goddess of destruction of the evil.

Higgins15 Andrew Walker17 William Ramsey19 Samuel Kitson21 Frederick Armstrong23 David Lynch25 Patrick Mc Feely27 Mrs Mary A. Starrett33 John Quigley35 Joseph Cross37 John Bradley39 James Osborne41 John Begley2A Rose Mc Bride (store)2 David Canning4 Mrs. Elizabeth Mc Gill33 Henry Coyle35 John Porter37 Patrick Parke39 William Murray41 M Mc Laughlin51B Jas. Bell5 Mrs Evelyn Moore7 James Blair9 Mrs Elizabeth Walker11 Thos. Robinson15 David Mc Laren17 Mrs Margaret Kelly19 Charles Mc Carter Stewart Memorial Hall Rural Dist Council officer Secty W. C Mc Laughlin57 Michael Harkin2 William Duddy4 John W.

Elizabeth Lynch6 James Lynch8 William Tracey10 Mrs. Neal30 Mrs Sarah Hegarty32 Charles Mc Intyre34 Robert Carey36 Edward Doherty38 Edward Hegarty40 Thomas Cantell FOUNTAIN HILLDuke Street to Irish Street3 Patrick Creggan5 Mrs. Simpson11 Stephen Lynch13 Vacant15 Bernard Gibbons17 Eugene Lynn19 Martha Mc Connell21 Miss Mary Kilgore23 Mrs. Mc Morris (waterman’s house)51C “Pats” Band room53 Lowry Olphert55 Andrew Taylor57 Joseph Mc Clelland59 David Hepburn61 Mrs Elizabeth Curry61a Charles Mc Laughlin (shop)63 Mrs Florence Lynn65A Daniel Mc Shane67 James Kelly, sen.69 John Mc Caughey71 John Taylor73 John Mc Clay26 Wm.

Though Sati felt bad because of the non invitation, she wanted to attend the yaga against the wish of Lord Shiva.

When Sati, attended the yaga no body has cared for her and she felt insulted by the actions of her sisters and parents.


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