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"We really need to help youth understand this is a very public forum," she said.The research also highlights the need for more discussion about gender roles and attitudes, particularly regarding girls and young women, she said. Those conversations should be part of everyday life." Daniels' advice for girls and young women is to select social media photos that showcase their identity rather than her appearance, such as one from a trip or one that highlights participation in a sport or hobby."Why is it we focus so heavily on girls' appearances? "Don't focus so heavily on appearance," Daniels said.For the study, Daniels created two mock Facebook profiles for the fictitious 20-year-old Amanda Johnson.In both versions, Amanda liked musicians such as Lady Gaga, books such as "Twilight," and movies like "The Notebook," that would be appropriate for a person her age.Get into the swing of things with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, whose high-energy, deliriously fun shows have entertained sold-out crowds around the world.Now they join the Oregon Symphony orchestra for an evening of spirited flair that’s sure to have you singing and dancing all night long!by contributing institutions or for the use of any information through the Eurek Alert system.Southeast Division Street's Oregon Theater is technically a movie theater, in that pornographic movies play.The only difference between the two was the profile photo.The photos were actual high school senior portrait and prom photos of a real young woman who allowed the photos to be used for the experiment.


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