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Normal people dating celebrities

As a result, if you now visit your GP with depression or anxiety or if you have symptoms such as irritability, and moodiness, there is a significant possibility you will be given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and prescription for an antipsychotic.Worryingly, the drugs have also been suggested as a preventative measure in young people who are not psychotic, but might be 'at risk', and have been widely prescribed to elderly patients with dementia.Another serious problem with the trials done to test the effectiveness of antipsychotics in general is that the patients who go in the placebo group - those given a 'dummy' pill to compare against the patients having the real treatment - will virtually all have been on drug treatment prior to the study, often for years, since they have serious long-term conditions such as schizophrenia and manic depression.These flaws mean you can't be certain the trial results are reliable, even for the classic version of manic depression.Bipolar disorder has become the 'fashionable' mental health diagnosis - helped, no doubt, by the fact that many celebrities, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Stephen Fry, have said they, too, are sufferers.But remarkably for drugs designed for a relatively small number of very disturbed patients, antipsychotics are now among the most profitable drugs in the world, just behind statins and on a par with diabetes medications.

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The survey of 2300 people - carried out by online entertainment site get uk - found the names of Michael Jackson's children, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II, were not "wacko" enough for the top 10.

Antipsychotics have not been properly tested on people troubled by milder emotional issues.

Going on any drug for a psychological disorder is a serious step.

"Rock stars have always been known for their outrageous living," said the website's international new media vice-president, Mark Yovich.

"But no amount of sex, drugs and debauchery can ever be as bad as naming your offspring a peculiar name that they have to live with for the rest of their life." Asked once why he gave his children such unusual names, Zappa reputedly said simply: "Because I wanted to." He also considered "Zappa" might be more of a problem than their unconventional first names.


  1. How to Date a Celebrity. Many people dream of dating a. Remember that celebrities are people. Remember that a date with a celebrity different from a normal.

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