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But it's characteristic of his spirit that as he sits down he is already telling me about his present and his future: "I never been this busy in my life. I stay at his castle in Dublin, because Ireland and Scotland are so racist it's frightening.

And because each sentence from his mouth comes out sounding like a benediction, it takes a while to register that the word the 84-year-old Quincy Jones uses more than any other, as a term of both endearment and opprobrium, is Mostly we talk about the past, naturally, and we get there soon enough. I said, ' Oh, my man's got some pimp shoes on.' And he heard me." and Bono said, ' Quincy said he had some lovely loafers on.' [Bono]'s a great guy.

It was shortlisted as one of the 15 documentaries up for an Oscar nomination, but it progressed no further.

' Cause I don't think like that.…I stopped drinking two years ago. Some clearly sadden him—he saw his friend Charlie Rose in Aspen the previous weekend—but others seem to offer him the satisfaction of justice served. And in Paris to this day, you go to Chez L' Ami Louis, the waiter will come over to you with a pepper shaker and say, ' Here's your Rubirosa.' He always used to say, ' Quincy, it's by the head, not the bed.Judging by how often he mentions it, the documentary —which follows the friendship between the ailing trumpet player Clark Terry, who once mentored Jones, and a young blind jazz pianist, Justin Kauflin—is one of Jones's recent projects that he takes the most pride in.Reports at the time stated that Murdoch had grown suspicious of his wife's close relationship with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the godfather to one of their daughters. Photos showed Deng shopping for toiletries on the Caribbean island before ushering a handful of children onto a small boat that took them out to Abramovich's 0million mega-yacht Eclipse (pictured) - which once held the record for largest privately owned yacht.'He has such a good body and he had his really, really good legs Butt [sic] . "It seems like at 84 all the things you used to wonder about come clear to you."So he begins. It's a life punctuated by so many disparate encounters and achievements and circumstances that it is hard to believe they are the experiences of a single man. There is the career, of course: the jazz musician, the arranger, the record executive, the soundtrack composer, the solo artist, the producer of the biggest pop album in history, the entrepreneur, the media magnate, the film and TV producer, the philanthropist…and on and on. He either loved you with all of his heart or else he'd roll over your ass in a Mack truck in reverse. He'd get drunk, and Jilly, his right-hand guy, stone gangster, would get behind him and break the guy's ribs. ' Miles (5) said the same thing, on a different occasion, at the Chateau Marmont. "They say coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."5. Lemon knocks out hot sauce, garlic, onions, everything. I cook gumbo that'll make you slap your grandmother. As a young kid, after my mother was taken away, my brother and I, we saw dead bodies every day. Jones didn’t actually marry Kinski, mother of his youngest child. I got me some technology out there"—he gestures to the mansion's perimeter—"that keep fat and old away from here. It's as if this just happens to be the interesting world he occupies. Chris Heath stays up late with the 84-year-old music legend who has a tale to go with every famous name."I feel like I'm just starting," Quincy Jones explains as he slowly takes a seat in the grand living room of his hilltop Bel-Air mansion, a wide arc of nighttime Los Angeles visible through the windows in front of him. You know, I'd see him try to fight—he couldn't fight worth a shit. ' He said, ' We're putting it back in the show! He came in on Monday morning, said, ' Hey, Q, how do you like your eggs? And then Daddy came out finally and hit 'em in a head with a hammer."9. When Quincy Jones talks—wandering from subject to subject as he does—the next famous name is rarely more than a few seconds away, but it doesn't seem like name-dropping or showing off. (1) But these seem almost trivial and incidental alongside the actual life he's lived. Jones also has several of Davis’s libidinous paintings in his house. His mother was taken away when he was 7—"to a mental home," he says, "for dementia praecox." His father, also called Quincy Jones, worked as a carpenter (8) for, as his son now puts it, "the most notorious gangsters on the planet, the Jones boys." It was rough and scary, and the only promising option that a young boy living within it could envision was becoming a gangster himself: "The '30s in Chicago, man. Tommy guns and stogies, stacks of wine and liquor, big piles of money in back rooms, that's all I ever saw. Fucking South Side of Chicago, they don't play, man. Seven years old, I went to the wrong neighborhood, I didn't know the codes and stuff. He met his first wife, Jeri Caldwell, in high school. I didn't listen to all the advice." He laughs again."Well, my daughters gave me new numbers, because they kept saying, ' Dad, you can't go out with girls younger than us.' I said, ' Y'all are not young anymore.…' So the new numbers are 28 to 42. (Jones helped connect them.) Or he'll refer to the time Steven Spielberg showed him the first abandoned prototype for E. Every week we'd have two or three dinners with Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin and all those cats. Jones is one of just a handful of people who have accomplished the EGOT—winner of at least one Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Jones first met Miles Davis when Jones was 18, and they later collaborated. Oprah (6) had my Jones spent his early years on the South Side of Chicago. Guys hanging off of telephone poles with ice picks in their necks, man. (He has six girls and one boy.) His second and third marriages were to actresses: Ulla Andersson and Lipton. I ended up with two actresses, Peggy Lipton and Nastassja Kinski (9), and a superstar model. So he'll refer to the time Nelson Mandela tried to get him to touch a cheetah—"I couldn't do it"—and then he'll mention that Colin Powell called a couple of days ago because Powell was annoyed at how Tyler Perry appeared to be portraying him in a forthcoming movie.You’ve assembled everything you need for the perfect deli sandwich: Genoa salami, prosciutto, some thinly sliced provolone and a crusty baguette.To top it all off, you reach into the fridge for your favorite spicy mustard.


  1. Quincy Jones has run with Frank Sinatra. Michael Jackson. Malcolm X. Prince. Tupac. Even Leni Riefenstahl—and the 84-year-old music legend has a tale for every.

  2. RELEVANT looks at the topic of dating—why do we so often simplify something that's actually really difficult?

  3. A magazine has claimed that Wendi Deng and Vladimir Putin are dating. US Weekly published the astonishing claims a day after Rupert Murdoch's ex-wife was.

  4. Cosmopolitan is an international fashion magazine for women, which was formerly titled The Cosmopolitan. The magazine was first published and distributed in 1886 in the United States as a family magazine; it was later transformed into a literary magazine and eventually became a women's magazine since 1965.

  5. Globe Magazine. The twilight of the Patriots’ dynasty has finally arrived

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