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Nude girls striptease

In the ‘FLIRT DE LUXE’ striptease bar guests are served only by girls. Striptease-club Axis offers its visitors to plunge into the bright night life.Here you can get unexpected surprises from dancers of the place. Address: Bunina str 24, Odessa, Ukraine Working hours: 21.00 - 6.00 Phone: 380 (48) 788-70-48 Erotic club ‘Rasputin’ is situated at the Yekaterininskaya square and like famous strip clubs of Miami, Amsterdam, Prague, and Paris it’s also a bright place of interest of Odessa.

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All lovers of night entertainments are expected at the address: Bunina street, 24. In ‘Rasputin’ striptease club we turn everything into art – art of dance, art of seduction, art of rest.

Watching beauty and movements of a woman’s body is a great pleasure for a spectator, no matter if it’s a man or a woman.

Here guests can not just enjoy watching a dance, but also taste dishes of original or Japanese cuisine. In karaoke-hall you can try your vocal skills, and in VIP-room you can stay alone with a charming dancer.

Address: Govorova street 10/2, Odessa, Ukraine Working hours: 22.00 - 6.00 Phone: (048)700-06-06 The ‘FLIRT DE LUXE’ striptease bar was opened in March 2013 in Ekaterininskaya street and belongs to the network of striptease bars ‘FLIRT’.


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