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These four men were also known for launching Spark which is a popular website designed to help middle school and high school students with school subjects such as English literature, science, and mathematics.Chris Coyne, one of the founders of OKCupid also launched a site known as The Spark.com, which created the origins of the OKCupid matching system.

If you’re a person who knows what you want from a future friendship or relationship, you should have little trouble finding somebody to date or go out with as long as you’re honest with your answers to the questions and are straightforward about yourself.OKCupid uses your profile and answers to different questions regarding your personality, politics, religion, hobbies, and your views on dating, sex, and relationships.The responses you submit to these questions along with the algorithm-based matching system connect similar users to each other using a percentile match outcome and they pair you with these compatible people and ask you to contact them for a potential date.OKCupid allows users of all backgrounds to connect with each other through different means.On its website, OKCupid makes the claim that “it is the fastest growing online dating site” and the official numbers back up this claim with actual statistics that I’ll be talking about later on in the article.The match test that was created which included personality questions and quizzes would eventually lead to a matching system that would put users together who had shown similar answers.The algorithm and system that OKCupid uses today to match similar-minded users began with The many years ago.In 2011, Inter Active Corp’s division bought OKCupid for over million and now claims ownership over that website and Plenty Of Fish, another popular online dating website.Before OKCupid was bought by IAC, a company called Humor Rainbow Inc. OKCupid’s founders were Harvard University students at the time and their names are Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder, Sam Yagan, and Max Krohn.In order for OKCupid to work properly, the matching system has to be used by its’ users.In order to generate better matches and results, all users when they register or asked to answer questions about themselves and their personalities in order to generate matches with a high percentile rating in terms of similarities.


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