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After some delay due to unfavourable weather conditions, the army set sail for England from Saint-Valry-sur-Somme , marched north to Canterbury, then west to Winchester where he captured the royal treasury.He proceeded to London where he was crowned as WILLIAM I "the Conqueror" King of England at Westminster Abbey, possibly by Ealdred Archbishop of York who may have officiated because of doubts concerning the validity of the appointment of Stigand as Archbishop of Canterbury.According to Eadmer of Canterbury, the reason for his visit was to negotiate the release of his brother Wulfnoth and nephew Haakon, both of whom had been hostages in Normandy since 1051.On his deathbed, King Edward "the Confessor" bequeathed the kingdom of England to Harold.Count Simon resigned his county in 1077, became a monk and went on pilgrimage to Rome where he died Orderic Vitalis names Adelizam et Constantiam, Ceciliam et Adalam as the daughters of Willermus Normanni dux and his wife Mathildem Balduini ducis Flandrensium filiam, neptem..sorore Henrici regis Francorum, but this appears unlikely in view of Adela's child-bearing until her husband's death in 1102.Her birth date is estimated bearing in mind that marriage frequently took place in early adolescence at the time, and also because Adela clearly continued to bear children until her husband's death.Orderic Vitalis records that King William sent Mathildem back to Normandy in light of the rebellions in England and to preserve intact provinci..Rodberto puero [referring to their eldest son], dated to 1069). Richardum..Henricum, adding that Robert succeeded to ducatum Normanni.

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He joined the contingent of Robert II Count of Flanders on the First Crusade in Sep 1096, together with Etienne Comte de Blois, after pledging the duchy of Normandy to his brother King William for 10,000 marks of silver in order to fund the expedition, declaring himself duke of Normandy .

King Henry took Robert in captivity back to England, where Robert remained in prison for the rest of his life. Richardum..Henricum, adding that Richard died iuvenis. Orderic Vitalis names Rotbertum..Ricardum, Willermum et Henricum as the sons of Willermus Normanni dux and his wife Mathildem Balduini ducis Flandrensium filiam, neptem..sorore Henrici regis Francorum who, from the context of this passage appears to be taking into account daughters as well as sons in his list of the king's children although, critically for deciding the birth order of the older children, he omits Cecilia in this section.

Robert of Torigny records the death in 1134 of "Robertus dux Normannorum filius Willermi regisprimogenitus" and his burial at Gloucester Guillaume of Jumiges records that Duke Guillaume and his wife Balduinum Flandri comitem...filiam regali ex genere descendente... Orderic Vitalis recounts that "when a youth who had not yet received the belt of knighthood, had gone hunting in the New Forest and whilst he was galloping in pursuit of a wild beast he had been badly crushed between a strong hazel branch and the pommel of his saddle, and mortally injured" dying soon after.

The only near certainty is that it would presumably have been the oldest available daughter who was betrothed to Harold.

Matthew Paris does not name her but lists her fourth among the daughters of King William, while distinguishing her from the fifth daughter betrothed to "Aldefonso Galici regi", which, if the order of names is significant, indicates that Adelaide was older than her two named sisters.


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