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Seeing Kim Ji Hoon at the film festival, which Park Shin Hye also attended but they didn’t go together, makes me long so badly for the days of FBND with lovely characterizations and quiet introspection.I love how they both wore dark blue outfits by kismet.I dislike all of the secondary couples but the main love triangle is genuinely the pits.

On the 28th, as the end of the SETSC 2011 S/S fashion week has ended, why not throw a glamorous party for Breast Cancer Awareness along the Han River and invite all the beautiful ladies in the Entertainment Industry!Ji Hong's old girlfriend In Joo shows up much to Hye Jung's consternation. I know it is part of life and Doctors cannot save everyone, but it was terrible seeing the dad/ President Hong die and must be so horrible feeling so helpless just not being able to do anything to bring your loved one back to life.Yoon Do tries in vain to get Hye Jung off his mind. Plot........................9Cinematography...8Pacing...................9 Damn I loved the scene where Seo Woo now needs to behave with Hye Jung because her father Director Jin told her too and she needs to befriend her and learn from her too. , because in terms of chemistry Park Shin Hye had it with both Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Ji Hoon.Oddly enough, I thought Park Shin Hye’s onscreen chemistry was just a smidge better with Yoon Si Yoon, but conversely her offscreen chemistry was similarly just a smidge better with Kim Ji Hoon.PD Jo Moon Joo stated, "There was a lot of chemistry in the first script reading because even before it took place, the director, writers, and actors communicated and researched a lot about their characters.co-stars Kim Ji Hoon and Park Shin Hye attending the opening night of the Chinese Film Festival in Korea.This movie premiere in Seoul was jam packed with Korean stars there to support Lee Byung Hun’s continued breakthrough in the elusive Hollywood market.I could write a post about a veritable who’s who of attendees but seeing Kim Ji Hoon there with Park Shin Hye just stopped my eyes permanently on them since I love them so much individually and their first project together was an unqualified success in my eyes.When Hong refuses, Jin makes a veiled threat about Ji Hong. He already warned Ji Hong that if he ever saw an opening, he was going to take it. I must change the station, but I can't reach the knob..."All conspirators in the project to make Guk Il Medical Center an investing company have been revealed, thanks to the late President Hong. President Hong tries to stop him from leaving, collapses, and dies. I think that with Hong dead, Myeong Hoon's resignation will be withdrawn.


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  2. Mar 13, 2013. Costars of the popular cable drama "Flower Boy Next Door" Park Shin Hye and Kim Ji Hoon enjoyed a 3D movie date together. On March 12 the actress wrote on.

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  6. Feb 20, 2013. Park Shin Hye confessed to Yoon Shi Yoon that she likes Kim Ji Hoon and hurt Yoon Shi Yoon, because he had feelings towards her.

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