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And as the divers salvage the wreck in the teeth of pirates, looters, and the "bends," they also gradually reconstruct the story of the world's first international trading network - the ultimate ancestor of today's global marketplace.

Original broadcast date: 01/16/2001 Topic: archaeology Vanished!

NOVA tells the story of the genome triumph and its profound implications for the future of medicine in the two-hour special "Cracking the Code of Life." Hosted by Robert Krulwich, ABC Nightline correspondent.

Original broadcast date: 04/17/2001 Topics: genetics, human biology/behavior Harvest of Fear Go to the companion Web site A gene from a jellyfish is placed in a potato plant, making it light up whenever it needs watering.

Now all but one of them (who switched careers) are out in the world in high-powered medical careers, trying to balance the demands of work, families, and personal lives, as NOVA reports on Survivor MD, which airs in three one-hour segments. D.: Tattooed Doctor Original broadcast date: 03/27/2001 Survivor M.Original broadcast date: 04/24/2001 Topics: plants/agriculture, genetics Search for a Safe Cigarette Go to the companion Web site Despite major efforts to educate the public on the health hazards of cigarettes, smoking is still a growth industry.Many health advocates now agree that global prohibition is unlikely.Original broadcast date: 02/13/2001 Topic: archaeology Cancer Warrior Go to the companion Web site "Cancer Warrior" is the story of an impassioned surgeon, Dr.Judah Folkman, and his struggle to pioneer a cancer treatment that for years went against the grain of many in the cancer research community.Sultan's Lost Treasure Go to the companion Web site In the middle of the South China Seas, a six-hour voyage from the tiny, oil-rich Sultanate of Brunei, prospectors spot an ancient wreck on the sea bed, half-swallowed up by the sand.An international team of archaeologists dives far down and begins retrieving a unique treasure—not gold or silver, but more than 12,000 intact pieces of Chinese procelain dating from the "golden age" of ceramic production in the 14th Century A. The priceless cargo poses countless riddles as the archaeologists seek the identity of the ship and its destination, and the meaning of the strange symbols so delicately figured on the dishes.Original broadcast date: 02/06/2001 Topic: technology/weapons and warfare Lost King of the Maya Go to the companion Web site Sixteen hundred years ago, a mysterious left-handed warrior seized control of the Mayan city of Copán, founding a dynasty that would last for 400 years.Eventually the Maya abandoned Copán and all other Mayan cities, which lay undisturbed for over 1,000 years.D.: Second Opinions Original broadcast date: 04/03/2001 Survivor M.D.: Hearts & Minds Original broadcast date: 04/10/2001 Cracking the Code of Life Go to the companion Web site In June 2000 two fiercely competitive teams of scientists made the joint announcement that their labs had secured one of the greatest prizes in history: the decoding of the human genome.


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