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Plane dating nova

And as the divers salvage the wreck in the teeth of pirates, looters, and the "bends," they also gradually reconstruct the story of the world's first international trading network - the ultimate ancestor of today's global marketplace.

Original broadcast date: 01/16/2001 Topic: archaeology Vanished!

Original broadcast date: 02/13/2001 Topic: archaeology Cancer Warrior Go to the companion Web site "Cancer Warrior" is the story of an impassioned surgeon, Dr.

Judah Folkman, and his struggle to pioneer a cancer treatment that for years went against the grain of many in the cancer research community.

Original broadcast date: 02/27/2001 Topics: medicine/disease and research, biography Survivor M. Go to the series Web site In 1987 NOVA embarked with seven brilliant, natural-born survivors on the longest-running boot camp in higher education: the nearly decade-long process of training to be a fully qualified doctor.

In "Harvest of Fear," NOVA and FRONTLINE join forces to explore the growing controversy over genetically modified agriculture.

In 1960 when he was a surgical resident, Folkman was drafted by the U. Navy to help find a substitute for whole blood to meet the navy's needs for transfusable blood on long voyages.

What he discovered instead was a startling secret about how cancer grows.

Belgians, Dutch, Poles, Serbs and Brits, united by their hatred of the Germans, shared secrets, tools and information, while competing to be the most successful 'escaping' nation.

In NAZI PRISON ESCAPE, the tunnelers, forgers and escapees reveal how they used the castle's passageways, nooks and crannies to their advantage; how they forged passes, keys and German uniforms; and how some of the finest military brains in Europe pitched themselves against famed German organization and won.


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