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Voting is now open for the 2011 HOF induction and Poker is on the panel.Opinions on who should be voted in and why may be expressed in the comment section or on the Poker Facebook page.Daniel Negreanu is a recognized poker expert with a long history of success both before and after the poker boom of 2003.He is founder of a large poker forum called Full Contact Poker and has been a successful poker mentor of several members of the forum who have gone on to become very good players in their own right after his expert poker tuition. He is the only son of Romanian immigrants and when he was fifteen Daniel was more likely to be found on the Pool table playing money matches than he was at the poker table.I looked at all your brilliant minds with much interest. On the other hand, Fraud or is theft" a better word?This is coming from a person that failed basic math. , Has reached, from the felt, to the homes, through the cities, the counties, the states, & Our federal government" Chase Bank cover-up" see rolling stone article" for the FACTS".Ignorance is Bliss, & I'm miserable at the thought of the overwhelming Fraud that has swept through our society... Lederer I respected, sad to see where all this stands now.

“If you took out the “F” and added an “Sh” in the word fame then yes, I think she should be inducted,” he added.

The team you all could create with your brilliant minds, would be something that could leave a legacy of not just poker". Would it have not been a better happier life, to build Super adobe homes for women, rather than exploit them at the strip club?

But of people that had given back, as a team, more than they took. Or to fund a development rather than amass a silver hoard & bury it in the ground?

While the two seemed to be able to keep things civil in the intervening years, Negreanu wasted no time including Lederer when speaking today about Duke’s inclusion on the list of HOF nominees.

“Along with her brother, the Lederer family would be the king and queen of the poker Hall of Shame," Negreanu said.


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  2. Profiling Daniel Negreanu, one of the best poker players over the last decade in both Poker tournaments and high stakes cash games

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  4. Home Poker News Daniel Negreanu’s. Daniel Negreanu’s Latest Main Squeeze – Miss. Daniel Negreanu announced recently in an interview with.

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