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Questions to ask when dating long distance

My now-husband and I met online, and we lived about two hours away in different states.For our first few dates, we met halfway at a shopping plaza off the turnpike and eventually in each other’s cities for day trips.When you’re closer, will your trust issues evaporate? Either your beloved is giving you reason to be suspicious, or the mistrust comes from within yourself, which will take a lot more than a move to overcome.Working through issues rather than finding a short-term fix is a better indicator of the strength of your relationship.” If you don’t know each other’s answers to these questions, I recommend that you have an honest discussion about them.

But when it gets down to it, the core of those discussions is not really about your car mileage; it’s about your ability to deal with conflict and one another’s capacity for service to the other.You can text constantly, email, have regular video dates, and make fairly frequent visits back and forth.But, to eventually get to your perfect ending in the same ZIP code, someone’s got to make a move.It sounds obvious, but I’ll say it anyway; the first conversation you should have with your boyfriend when considering moving should be, “Where is this relationship going?” Like any girlfriend in love, I wanted to see more of my guy, but I knew that before I got out the boxes, I had to know what “more” meant—just dates or a desire for a bigger commitment?Are you two just having fun right now, or are you open to going deeper toward engagement and marriage?If you are already thinking engagement and are both excited that a ring could be on your finger—or not!A move should be about the two of you together, as a team, both open to the possibility of how you can accomplish that.I felt a lot of peace knowing that my guy and I weighed both our circumstances fairly.But that’s why I was so glad we had those conversations.Seeing the bigger picture before overhauling my life gave me the confidence to rent the U-Haul.


  1. Nov 16, 2015. But how? And whom? It took a lot of consideration and discussion, but there were five key questions that helped me ultimately decide to make the move. If a long-distance relationship is getting too hard, or a move just seems like the next step, consider these five things before you decide to pack your bags.

  2. Are you male or female Male Is the person your question is about male or female Female What is your age 25. What are the ages of the other people involved 29. What is your relationship status Single What is the relationship status of the person you are dating Single How long have the two of you been.

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