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Reuters Institute research, based on extensive interviews with EU correspondents, editors, and public relations and other EU executives, reveals for the first time how the powerful group of institutions at the heart of the Union are covered – or not covered.

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He was European Commissioner for External Affairs (1999-2004); and Chairman of the BBC Trust (2011-2014).

Egypt’s revolutionary uprising in 2011 raised important questions about the kind of journalism that would be viable in the country’s changing political dynamics.

Suddenly the output of bloggers, online radio and social media news operations, which had all formed part of the groundswell of action against dictatorship and repression, posed an explicit challenge to journalists in state-run and commercial media companies who were more directly subject to government controls.

We present here an overview of key trends in news media use across these four markets and compare the patterns observed with those found elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Japan, South Korea) and in selected markets in Europe and North American (the UK and the US) to shed light on similarities and differences.

Lord Barnes is a Chair of the Reuters Institute Advisory Board.


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