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Rjs not updating

Initially created by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path, Ajax uses Java Script and the built in XMLHttp Request object found in web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Firefox to name a few) to manipulate the DOM object representation of a web page, all without a page refresh.This is a very powerful technique because it saves time and provides a more responsive experience to the user.The result of that request then can be inserted into a DOM object whose ID can be specified via the 'update' parameter.Your specific method call tells Rails to use Ajax to invoke the 'hello' action of your 'rjs' controller.Rails also provides Ajax support in the view layer, a request and response controller, and a domain model wrapping the database.Ajax is a creative technique used to make web sites more interactive and responsive to user input.

The remote action is called in the background using XMLHttp Request.You can create a simple Rails application and add RJS support to it.To begin, you need to create a rails app 'rsjtest' by issuing the command 'rails rjstest': Within the rails application, the models, views, and controllers of the application live in the 'app' directory.To resolve the issue: You are using the WAR FTP Daemon FTP client on the PC server, and you can GET files from the PC to the i Series but not PUT them.An empty shell of the file is created on the PC, but no data transfer takes place.Ajax is an acronym for "Asynchronous Java Script and XML".It is a web application programming technique used to create more interactive web applications. Retranslation is required when the object is not in the correct format for the current machine implementation. : The program or module object does not contain the required observable information for it to be retranslated.Conventional Rails templates can generate HTML (.rhtml extension files) or XML (extension files).RJS templates (extension files) generate Java Script code that is executed when it is returned to the browser.


  1. I have an html select element with a bound javascript change event using jQuery. When a change occurs, one of a few different events could happen depending on the selected option.

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