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Rob pattison dating kristen stewart

At first, Robert played a small role of the second plan, but after some time on a talented young man drew the attention, and he received an invitation to the theater "Barnes Theatre Club".There, Robert received his first professional skills of the actor.The first role (second plan) was the role Gizelhera germanskom in the film "Der Ring des Nibelungen" in 2004.Almost immediately the actor played the role Raud Crowley in the film "Vanity Fair" in the same 2004, .but to deal with producers of the scene with his involvement had been "cut" of the paintings intended for the big screen (he was not even listed in the credits) and were only available in the DVD-version of the film, .This popularity has come to Pattinson with the release in 2005, the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, "where he played the role of Cedric Diggory."Barnes Theatre Club" gave him the opportunity to play at least three productions: "Macbeth", "All things pass" and "Tess of the Derbervilley..Now filmography Robert Pattinson has more than 10 films, but he became known more recently.

Naturally, he meets with his friends, but also appreciates the perfect peace, which is used to write scripts.

It should be noted that Rob has always wanted to shoot in independent, able to change the script projects, both in 2003, he met with the director IV of the "Harry Potter" - Mike Newell.

He was the first of the actors who auditioned for the role of Cedric and already a week later Mike cheered him news that his candidacy was approved..

that she is "like, so gay," the 26-year-old actress didn't mean to diminish the love they shared.“Rob saws snippets from the show and absolutely loved Kristen’s opening monologue.

He was happy to see her having so much fun and being so at ease with herself,” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.


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