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Roman coins reading and dating roman imperial coins klawans Random horny sex chat

Emperors sometimes instituted new denominations of coins, while others were replaced or simply fell out of circulation.

The base bronze coin was the As, the base silver coin was the Sestertius and the base gold coin was the Aureus.

As: The base bronze coin Semis: worth 1/2 an as Triens: worth 1/2 of an as Quadrans: worth 1/4 of an as Sextans: worth 1/6 of an as Uncia: worth 1/12 of an as Dupondius: worth two asses Tripondius: worth three asses Quadrussis: worth four asses Quincussis: worth five asses Decussis: worth 10 asses Follis: introduced by Emperor Diocletian; bronze with a silver wash Centenionalis: introduced by Emperor Constantine I; bronze with a silver wash Francesco Gnecchi states that the first silver coins were struck in 268 BCE.

They depicted the goddess Minerva on the obverse and Castor and Pollux (the Dioscuri) with the word Roma on the reverse. Sestertius: the base silver coin; worth 2 1/2 asses Quinarius: worth two sestertii Victoriatus: originally used to replace foreign coinage; later worth two sestertii Denarius: worth four sestertii Antoninianus: introduced by Emperor Caracalla; worth eight sestertii Siliqua: introduced by Emperor Constantine I; worth 1/24 of a solidus Miliarensis: introduced by Emperor Constantine I; worth 1/14 of a solidus According to Gnecchi, the first gold coins were struck in 217 BCE.

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