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I will be adding more soon, as well as checking for accuracy and updating these with more historical and instrument information.Whilst other wind manufactures have issued serial numbers to their musical instruments in a consecutive chronological fashion, Yamaha appears to have issued their serial numbers in a less logical sequence.Here are a few things to bear in mind: When advertising an instrument for sale, you will often see the serial number referred to as 36xxxx.

This guide, then, confines itself to York instruments made in the Grand Rapids factory.This is why I have started these databases of user submitted serial numbers.By combining production years, serial number ranges, used sales dates as well as CONFIRMED new sales or production dates (assertained throughed Yamaha) it should be possible to extrapolate an approximate manufacture date.If you are a US customer you can contact Yamaha US with your instruments model number AND serial number.If they can, they will reply with an email stating the manufacture date or at least the supply to retailer date.There is now an expanded information base of over 2,600 York instruments to reference, starting with"York & Son" in 1887 and continuing through several name changes until the Grand Rapids plant was closed in 1971.For more information, go to the Detailed Record of York Instruments.A serial number can of course be used to identify a stolen instrument.If a seller does hide part of the number you may wonder if they are trying to hide the fact that it is stolen.The main thing you learn from serial numbers is the age of the instrument of course.Although the dates in these charts are reasonably accurate, there may be some discrepancies for various reasons.


  1. Sound test of a WWII 1943/44 Couesnon Monopole Conservatoires tenor sax. Paris, France

  2. A GUIDE TO DATING BOOSEY & Co./BOOSEY & HAWKES INSTRUMENTS BASED ON SERIAL NUMBER The Boosey & Hawkes Archive contains production records that make it possible.

  3. Created by saxophone players for saxophone players. Features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and more.

  4. King Serial Number Chart. Serial Number Year Manufactured 1. 1893 50,001. 1915 78,001. and "The Source for Saxophone Information" ©2016 USA Vintage Horn Corp.

  5. Check your saxophone serial numbers with this chart and find out the year of manufacture for vintage instruments. Is it one of the better vintages?

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