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Seiko watch movement dating pink is dating

Hattori, Epson, SII, Shiojiri Quartz Watch Movements fall under the Seiko umbrella.

Seiko, has been creating timepieces since 1881 and is responsible for many technological advances in the watch industry.

The timepiece also features a shiny blue dial that looks especially elegant.

Its curved case brings to mind models from the 1970s or 80s, giving it a retro flair.

Hardlex glass is a typical feature of most Seiko watches.

The material is more scratch resistant than conventional mineral glass, but not as hard as sapphire glass.

The Speedtimer is even rarer than the Sportsmatic 5, making models from 1969 almost impossible to find.

Versions from the 1970s can be bought in fair condition for about 1,000 euros and in top condition for around 1,400 euros.

Fans of vintage watches will find the Sportsmatic 5 from the 1960s especially interesting.

You can buy a gold-colored Seiko 5 for women – reference number SYMC18K1, for example – for 160 euros.

The majority of the watches in the Seiko 5 series have a modest, elegant design.

Seiko fits it all on one display window at 3 o'clock, guaranteeing readability.

Their proprietary Hardlex glass protects the display.


  1. In the back of Seiko watches there is a range of information presented. This can tell you the movement type, date of manufacturer, how to open the case, which company produced the product, what the case is made from and the specific case design code. These codes are also occasionally stamped on the inside of the case.

  2. Hattori, Epson, SII, Shiojiri Quartz Watch Movements fall under the Seiko umbrella. We are pleased to carry a large selection of Epson Sii quartz watch movements and Epson Sii mechanical watch movements. Assort for maximum price break!

  3. Jun 18, 2015. The "Seikomatic 5" 6100 series was a family of mechanical watch movements from Seiko in the 1960's and 1970's. Produced from 1967. 6102A, Date. 6110A, 1971, Railroad Watch. Automatic, 6105A, 1968, Quickset date. 6105B, Quickset date, hacking. 6106A, 6106B, 6106C, 1967, Day, date, hacking.

  4. Apr 26, 2014. To solve the slipping date setting problem in this Seiko 7T32 movement, instead of swapping the entire movement, I decided to swap only the offending date driving wheel. The replacement wheel was taken off a non-working 7T32 movement I kept for spares. After the replacement, the date sets correctly.

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