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Resulting criminalization of sex work propagates an environment in which violence against sex workers is tolerated, rendering them entirely vulnerable and unable to seek the protection of law enforcement authorities [].

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To that end, the study investigated: college students’ narrated sexual experiences, their perceived sexual relations and experiences, the degree of students’ engagement in negotiated safer-sex practices, and factors facilitating/constraining students’ intention to- and past use of condoms.Basic literacy [(AOR = 5.3, 95 % of CI (1.15–25.20)], completion of only elementary school [AOR = 6.9, 95 % of CI (1.55–31.25)], completion of only high school [AOR = 7.9, 95 % of CI (1.65–38.16)], being married [(AOR = 3.8, 95 % CI (1.34–11.09)], engaging in sex work for 1–4 years [(AOR = 5.3, 95 % CI(1.7–16.2)] and drug use [AOR = 5.3, 95 % of CI (1.78–16.21)] were all significant risk factors for sexual violence.CSWs with lower monthly income were also more likely to experience sexual violence; monthly income of 51.2–101.9 USD yielded AOR = 2.4 (95 % CI 1.12–5.37) and monthly income of 102.2–153.1 USD yielded AOR = 7.9 (95 % CI 2.46–25.58), compared to CSWs earning 153.2 USD or more.Descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regression analyses were performed using SPSS 20 for Windows.The overall prevalence of sexual violence among CSWs was 75.6 %.With an assumption of a 10 % non-response rate and with consideration of the correction formula for finite population, the total sample size computed was 250.Simple random sampling technique was used to select the study subjects. Proportion to size allocation was made for the seven sub-cities based on the number of CSWs found in each sub-city.Pro Quest is not responsible for the content, format or impact on the supplemental file(s) on our system.in some cases, the file type may be unknown or may be a file. Copyright of the original materials contained in the supplemental file is retained by the author and your access to the supplemental files is subject to the Pro Quest Terms and Conditions of use.Data gathered from a 43-item survey questionnaire administered among randomly chosen undergraduate students (N = 575) in Addis Ababa University revealed that 40% of the students were sexually active.Empirical materials garnered largely from focus group discussions with 20 college students (10 male and female) of diverse profile revealed that Ethiopian undergraduate students were sexually engaged dominantly with one another and less dominantly with non-college people.


  1. Feb 5, 2004. Qat has been used for centuries in countries such as Yemen, Ethiopia and Somalia to enhance relaxation or even to lubricate social gatherings. In the United States, Canada and most of Europe, qat also known as chat, jaad, or khat is illegal; penalties for trafficking or dealing it are equivalent to those.

  2. Prevalence and predictors of sexual violence among commercial sex workers in Northern Ethiopia. Mussie AlemayehuEmail author,; Gebregizabeher Yohannes†,; Ashenafi Damte†,; Atsede Fantahun†,; Kahsu Gebrekirstos†,; Resom Tsegay†,; Adina Goldberger† and; Henock Yebyo†. †Contributed equally. Reproductive.

  3. Jan 19, 2017. The Economist "THIS is qat," explains Teklu Kaimo, gesturing to the wooded field behind him. He started growing it in 1976, and over the years its soft, green leaves have brought him a measure of prosperity. He has a modest plot of land, 11 children and money to pay their way through school. A short walk.

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