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Sex chat obsession

We want every member to feel safe and have a place where you can be supported.Please be aware that you can contact us should any issues arise.

If you want to enjoy a sexy text conversation, you need to involve your partner.

The surface answer is that they make us hot, they turn us on, and they get our motors revving. This information is absolutely vital to our spiritual and emotional growth.

After all, how can we "take thoughts captive" unless we acknowledge the true nature of those thoughts and seek to fully understand where they come from?

A gentle reminder: This and all groups on Support are for support only, we encourage friendships, but specifically trolling the sites for dating purposes is not allowed, it is a distraction from the goal of the site and will result in either a warning or being banned from the site, depending on the situation.

Thank you in advance-SG I’ve been on this site for maybe a week but I want everyone to know that God will and can see it through although I’ve struggled I’ve never lost my faith in God I know that he is my answer through my addiction he is the one that push me through...


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  2. Chantarra, Chant, Chanty, C, Lady C please not baby, babe, BB, or other pet names, 34

  3. Chat; Forum; Help; Try the free. Becky has to resist possession by a man's ghostly lover. by. A dildo from a Balinese sex shop has dire properties. by.

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