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Sex messaging with no log in dating middle aged men

You'll see options to unfollow them as well as 'See First'.

But that's for people who you want right at the top of your newsfeed, not those who make you want to put all your Facebook-connected devices in a tub of acid. Facebook account hacking is pretty common: you've probably seen someone appear to go a bit loopy in your Facebook tenure, only to find out their account was hacked - it wasn't them 'Liking' links to smutty websites, honest.

HOW TO FIND OUT WHO'S BEEN STALKING YOU USING STORIESYes, Facebook Stories exists – a function on the Facebook app that allows you to upload photos and videos for a 24-hour period, and see which of your friends have viewed them, and which specific bits they've to see who's been on your profile and what they've been looking at, but it's better than nothing.

It's super-limiting, but hey, maybe that's what you want…2.All you need to do is link a phone to your account, which we imagine most of you have done by now, then send a message reading "F" to 32665.This will set you up, then you just text that number again with your status update.You can cut people out without all the drama though. This completely stops all of their nonsense from appearing on your wall, while still offering you full Facebook stalking rights to their accounts when the mood takes.To do this, hit the 'Following' button on the pages of your Facebook foes.There's actually a whole bunch of other things you can do from your mobile too, like get texts every time a certain friend posts something - creepy.11.HOW TO FIND THE HIDDEN BASKETBALL GAME IN MESSENGERIf you haven't heard about this already, what rock have you been living under?Forget scanning fruitlessly; entering text shortcuts will insert the relevant emoji into your message when it's sent.For instance, typing :poop: will add the poop emoji.Facebook's no longer just that friendly little blue website you post drunken photos to.Squillions of development hours have been put into this thing, filling it with all manner of features you might not be aware of – including this lot.


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