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Simplified dating com

You’re not dating a piano, you’re dating a person who is just as flawed and fucked up as you are.When you let perfection become the enemy of the good, you end up sabotaging your own progress. When you’re convinced that you’re just one ill-timed sneeze or bad joke away from having your date bail out on you like Maverick ejecting from an F-15, you’re not going to have fun.Ever want to screw up somebody’s putt on the golf course? The moment you start overthinking something is the moment you find that you can’t do it.There are four stages of learning a skill: Unconscious Incompetence, Conscious Incompetence, Conscious Competence and Unconscious Competence.

Before too long, we start being able to walk like it ain’t no thing and it becomes a part of our muscle memory.

Nerd Love (aka Harris O’Malley) shares his advice on how to relax, stop overthinking, stay in the moment, and break dating down to its most basic core elements.

Enjoy and, as always, let me know what you got out of it in the comments section below.

They become so focused on the end goal that they believe that anything other than getting 100% is going to condemn them to failure. It’s a common misconception that dating is somehow a competition against every person your date has ever gone out with. Everybody has people they’ve dated before and some of them may or may not be handsomer, richer, taller, better in bed or just all-around .

If you don’t somehow outshine the studliest of the Studly Good Nights in her life, then you’re doomed to be given the dreaded LJBF speech and to be sent back home alone to cry and masturbate to increasingly fucked-up porn. Perfection is for pianos, where the slightest flaw or miscalibration can ruin the whole instrument.


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  2. Simplified Dating Advice. 7 likes 1 talking about this. A step by step guide of simplified dating advice, so that you can focus on the most important.

  3. The key to mastering any skill is to break it down and focus on the essentials. By sticking to these key elements, you'll be able to master dating in no time.

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