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Sirius sportster updating channels

I find myself listening to those quite often, but in terms of music, the local culture is turning more towards Urban, Reggaeton, and Bachata music, which are my least favorite type of music, so needless to say that even though Sirius XM in Puerto Rico only has the Sirius channels and it doesn’t have all of the channels the Continental U. has, I am very appreciative that Sirius XM works in Puerto Rico even if it is limited to the Sirius channels.Do I wish we had all of the channels and features of Sirius XM? But that’s not the case, and I still appreciate what I do have, even though it is annoying to pay the same for less channels.The reason why Puerto Rico only gets the Sirius channels is because the Sirius satellites travel in a “Figure 8” pattern over the Americas while the XM satellites are fixed in place over North America only. My Sportster 5 Radio is giving me lots of problems so I wanted to get a new one that won’t give me as much trouble.I contacted Sirius XM and they assured me time and time again that the new Sirius XM radios will work just fine, I asked specifically for the Onyx Plus radio since it has the sports ticker, they said YES. I contacted them and spent an hour with them on the phone trying new things to see if it works, nothing worked, then after an hour, they told me what I already knew and told them about the positioning of the satellites.To make changes, visit your "My admin" page — found in the drop-down menu under "My Account"I accidentally selected the wrong gender.To make changes, visit your "My admin" page — found in the drop-down menu under "My Account"How do I hide my profile?It must be Sirius but call them and they have no clue. The dealer installed new Sirius receiver, and a new RAK radio and the problem still exists. My drive to work is only 5 miles, and when I came out at lunch it worked, but the problem was exactly as you described it.

It seems that they are upgrading and updating their programming and features but mainly for the XM and Sirius XM platforms and not for the Sirius platforms.If you live in Puerto Rico you probably already know that there are only a few radio stations that are only in English and they also have tons of commercials. So I’ll cut right to the chase, Sirius XM works in Puerto Rico but ONLY under the Sirius platform, NOT the XM or the Sirius XM platforms.So you may ask yourself, Is there Sirius XM in Puerto Rico? So, if your satellite radio is an XM or Sirius XM radio, it WILL NOT work here in Puerto Rico, trust me, I have the experience to prove it and I will tell you it further down if you are interested.It should play AM/FM and disc fine but not act like it has sirius.After that, plug the fuse back in and see if it to dealer on saturday,i guess it was a mistake.... It was doing that my whole drive home from work, but I had to stop for beer so I shut the car off while I was in the beer store and I came out and it was fine the fuse fix didnt last too long...started it up this morning and same thing..updating channels and it wont stay on satellite radio,keeps going back to fm......a call in to dealer now..started working on my way home from work...i think it is sirius not the radio itself.... Too many of us with this problem for it to be the radio.the best is when i called them they tried to have me extend my service past the 1 year free.... I think it has something to do with the signal and not the radio.i told them my radio doesnt waork and you want me to extend.... Rock Music Dating Site is a leading music date site, helping thousands of music loving singles find their true love.This allows members of UK Music Lovers to meet single rock music lovers that share your desire for rock / indie music., pettiness in relationships, should the man be the provider?Our goal is simple: to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people.We're one of the oldest and best-known dating communities on the web, and we have a unique, and very popular, secret weapon our intelligent two-way matching feature.


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