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Slavic women dating

Besides this, about one hundred new ladies from post Soviet countries add their profiles to our immense photo gallery. Finding the best match for you won't take much of your precious time.

In most countries women outnumber men, with Ukraine and Russia having the worst gender ratios of males to females (85/86 men to 100 women).

East Slavs: The most sizable communities of Slavs are Russians (150 million), followed by Poles and Ukrainians (around 57 million each).

There are about 12 million of Serbs and the same number of Czechs.

(You can read more about it here.) Because of these latest changes, it would be wise for a man dating a Slavic woman to find out first which nationality his sweetheart belongs to, as any confusion may cause an unintended distress.

Typical appearance of Northern Slavic women includes round face, small nose, blue eyes, light hair, fair skin, and plump lips. Slavic women from the ex-USSR are convinced that they are the most beautiful females in the world, and this is why so many foreign men wish to find a girlfriend in their countries.


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