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Speedstream D240 is powered by Project XVersion 004-D240-A8M, Build 106-65, Oct 20 2006 Expat - XML Parser Toolkit v1.2 Copyright (c) 1998-2000, Thai Open Source Software Center Ltd---System Starting---XSH: [ OK ]FLASH: AMD Am29LV160B (Bottom Boot)NVRAM: 003-1210-INT, Orcon Full Router NV'G':139678NVRAM: [ OK ]INT: [ OK ]TMR: [ OK ]WDT: Internal timeout set to 10s WDT: [ OK ]LED: [ OK ]BUTTON: [ OK ]SYSTASK: [ OK ]SNTPC: [ OK ]SYSLOG: [ OFF ]XLOG: [ OK ]DNSRELAY: [ OK ]IPFW: [ OK ]ADSL: [ OK ]BRG: [ OK ]L2XP [ OK ]ETH1: [ OK ]USB: [ OK ]2684: [ OK ]2364: [ OK ]ATM: [ OK ]IGD: [ OK ]UPNP: [ OK ]LANCLIENT: [ OK ]DDNSD: [ OFF ]FWUPDATE: [ OK ]TFTPD: [ OFF ]ARDD: [ OFF ]CWMP: [ OK ]---System Ready---ADSL: Boost DSPADSL: Data Pump Version - .00ADSL: DOWNADSL: WAITINGUPNP: Added IF: br0 to UPn P multi-cast group ETH1: 100MB (100Base-TX Full Duplex)Reset Status Register (RSR) value: 0x1RAM size is 8388608 (0x800000). Not sure there are any actual advantages to running A9P.I agree that capacitors still could be bad, the most reliable way I will be able test them is to de-solder them from board and use an analog ohm meter in low resistance settings to check them---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------I have FW-s Optus A9P 1850 kb, Siemens A8M 1677 kb, Bigpond A8P 2888 kb and English/Portugeese A83 1808 kb------The flash chip is 2 Mb, so Bigpond FW is too big, and I have not seen any smaller version !---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------I am also not sure about the situation of the and files....these coming with FW , so any old ones gets wiped out ?code=E···retain=f and do the same thing, except type as your "Constant Profile IP Address".(if everything went ok, you should now see the new configuration page)From here, you have to access every configuration page manually. All Rights Reserved Speedstream"LDR: Modem Version "004-D240-A8M-106-65"LDR: ADSL Version "a6."LDR: Checksum 0x05852f1c LDR: Image Length 0x001066b4LDR: Image Type 0x00000001LDR: Product Type 0x00000000LDR: Calc Checksum 0x05852f1c Validboot gotta 72 r Starting application with arg 0 P R O J E C T XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX - MIPSCopyright (c) 2001-2004, Siemens Subscriber Networks, Inc. FLASH: AMD Am29LV160B (Bottom Boot)boot gotta 76 v LDR: Image @ 0xb0020000 -LDR: Header 0xb0020000LDR: Image 0xb0020100LDR: Text Magic "ENI @(#)"LDR: Description "Copyright 2001,2002, Siemens Subscriber Networks, Inc.Search and you'll find cryptic instructions for extracting the component files from the firmware installer package. I don't think this is a productive line of investigation.Interesting to see how it all fits together, but it won't address the core problem in any way I don't think the MAC address change matters at all--unlikely to be any hidden verification or whatever, this isn't a cable modem But, I wonder if some other important setting could have been lost due to NVram clearing..Other thing I wondering is the MAC address, after I "whack" (erase) NVram, upon reboot it asks for a MAC address, I just entered "001122334455" (easy to remember) and this shows up later in web interface page too.I do not know the original, because on bottom label there was no MAC address (very unusual for any device !!


  1. Forum discussion Managed to update a former Bell Siemens Speedstream 4200 ADSL modem with an open generic firmware from Siemens 004-D240-A8M Also have a serial.

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  5. I started to write sister PCB, but the 5Y3 tube rectifier made me change my mind. Where the PS-Tube-SS was designed for those 50 ohm single ended 100 ohm differential.

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