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There is only one horizontal ring as opposed to the two on the 1956 (B-1) on the right. I hope to come up with more clarification and will update here as this muddiness clears.Another very special variation of the 50's style Super Speed was the 1958 TV Special which was released as another promotion for the American television show, .

The razor itself is identical to the latter 40's styles.This brings to light another subtle variation with the Blue Tip.Notice the shorter TTO knob on the 1959 (E-4) on the left.50's Style - A richer knurled handle and a flair tip introduced in 1954 (Z date code).The 50's style also comes in a more aggressive model called the Red Tip.The reason you will see these referred to as '48-'50 is that without the identifying date code there is no way to nail down the exact production year beyond that range.Here are the two variations side by side along with directions for use with the newer notched version.These razors did not commonly have the date code on the underside of the base until 1951, yet there have been a limited number of V code late 1950 models turn up.The 1947 SS can be uniquely identified by the lack of a notch at the end of the center bar.Note the vertical knurling as opposed to the "checkered" or bi-lateral knurling of the standard 50's style.This razor came in a red version of the TV Special case pictured above with its 1954 TV cousin.


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