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When couples carve their names into trees, they use a plus sign between them.

Although relationships are of the flesh, in our day and age of digital reality and instant communication, if you are dating, you will be texting.

You can try the Drunk Text Savior App or delete certain numbers from your phone when you know you're going to be partying.

Remind yourself that whatever you drunk text is likely going to annoy, or even worse, anger the recipient, and you will end up looking a fool. Get a second opinion from a trusted friend, or if the text really bothers you, reply with something neutral and then bring it up to your date in person. This is especially important for women who are dating (and texting with) men.

When used properly, a single exclamation point can set a light tone, convey excitement, and even demonstrate interest. No one uses semicolons in day-to-day casual writing; it's a literary piece of punctuation, not a colloquial one. (Or, on the Internet, your.)So when you actually take the time to use an apostrophe, it means something. Because if they were, they'd run around dropping f-bombs and c-bombs and f'd-in-the-a-with-your-own-d-bombs without the censorship. Texting is a faceless, emotionless means of communication. It's like she was outsourcing her texting to a seventh grader. *It's clear what that text really means: "I'd rather die than see a movie about the underground world of kickboxing, and you're an idiot for suggesting that we go see it. And now, because this has gotten a little awkward, I think we should meet at the theater so I have an escape plan." Too many. use one question mark to just move the conversation along, and four to move it along flirtatiously.

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If you use the plus sign in lieu of the word "and" or an ampersand, it's your subconscious telling you that you really like the person.

He’s dated some of the planet’s most beautiful women, ranging from a Miss World contestant, to a model for Coca-Cola, to one of “Brazil’s Next Top Models.” His specialty is daytime street stops.

To get a taste of what Greenspan, creator of the 11 Points website, has to offer, check out this excerpt from his book on the secret meanings of punctuation in text messages.

If you have suspicions of "inappropriate/incriminating" texts, ask your partner. "/"I have no game with women right now." These types of messages come off as needy and insecure.

If you still have suspicions, trust your gut and get rid of the person. On the other hand, do offer compliments if you truly mean them.


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