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However, we do not accept Admirers as members, though they are welcome to events noted as such.On this trans women Community site, the different trans groups in the metro area post their events and activities here as do individual members who are going out or hosting events.There is dinner for just us trans ladies and our significant others.Then at pm the Party begins and is open to everyone -- friends, admirers, groupies, anyone who loves to be where it is happening.These are free support groups for cross dressers, transgendered ladies, and those considering transitioning full time, and their partners.OTHER LOCAL TRANS GROUPSWe support and announce activities from other local groups who post on our site. They are located in our "Message Boards" listed under "Discussions" along the top banner.It goes until...'S TRANS LADIES FINISHING SCHOOLWe also offer the Trans Ladies Finishing School where ladies can come together to develop and practice our skills in feminine poise and movement, discover and try on the best wigs for your facial shape, or address concerns in our community Let Christine know if you are interested.

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The broad range of social and intellectual events are wonderful opportunities to dress up and have fun, socialize, build friendships, share, explore, expand, and celebrate our femininity together in safe and enjoyable settings.It is an opportunity to sit with ladies and get to know them. GIRLS SOCIALSFor those just coming out or looking to socialize, we hold regular "New Girls Socials" in private homes on a Saturday evening. TRANS FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS, BARS & CLUBS EVENTSYou are also invited to join us as we go out to trans friendly restaurants, clubs, and piano lounges with various groups to socialize and mingle together.It is an opportunity to come and meet others in our community in a safe, welcoming home environment. These events are scheduled during weeknights, Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday afternoon get togethers.We attempt to provide the most current information, however, we suggest that you might want to search a little more at your favorite search engine to verify the existence and correct contact information for any transgender support groups or resources listed here. Box 50724 Washington DC 20091-0724 (301) 649-3960 support group for those in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland area. If you have had experience with transgender-friendly shops and services in Washington, DC, or have lists of resources in your community, please send them to us, so we can get the information online and continue helping others.If you know of any Washington, DC TG support groups that should be listed, edited or deleted, please Central Washington, DC Gender Support Group Cheyenne, WY (313) 265-3123 (Bernadette) General support group for gender issues. If you know of a new business or one listed here that is no longer doing business, please Looking to meet transgender friends or lovers in Washington, DC?As a member, you can also post here when you are going out to invite others to join in. Once a month or so, on a Thursday evening we meet at Bar Rouge in DC.And then on a Saturday evening we have a much larger party where we dress up we take over Tara Temple in Ballston in Arlington.Come join us in a relaxed, comfortable setting for socializing and meeting new ladies, group sharing, and discussions. Just introduce yourself to the Hosts and we will make you feel welcomed.You are also welcome to come to the Pre-Soiree Dinner at the hotel's dining room.For example, those starting out or who feel they are unpassable, or anyone looking for trans makeovers, check out where you can get Makeovers or learn how to do make up at: https:// Ladies-Community/messages/boards/forum/8630192/?chk_51312359=on&t=1513523928099&forum=8630192&op=unpin Note also that you are welcome to come to our events dressed as a woman or in male mode. MALE ADMIRERS - Concerning men admirers, there is a segment of trans ladies who naturally are drawn to a male relationship, so there are many events where it is noted that admirers are invited.


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