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Students of the Bachelor of Accounting, Banking and Finance will study, among other things, the material of compulsory subjects of Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Theory, of Accounting, of Financial Mathematics and Statistics, which is the appropriate foundation for their respective specializations.Students will cover important areas of specialization of the Bachelor of Accounting, Banking and Finance, such as Markets Derivatives, Principles of Safety and Risk Management, Financial and Operational Analysis as well as Finance and Estimates of Real Estate.The Bachelor of Accounting, Banking and Finance will definitely enhance your career prospects in the current competitive job market.You will join a unique learning community who is passionate to communicate knowledge and will challenge and energize you Here everyone works together, immersed in a rigorous, collaborative learning environment that encourages risk-taking and questioning.The primary emphasis is to produce competent undergraduates who would be able to have a successful career in professional positions related to finance disciplines, capital market activities, investment management, corporate finance, and trading or risk management.We are looking for candidates who will be challenged by the academic rigour of the Bachelor of Accounting, Banking and Finance that allows them to contribute thoughts and ideas in an interactive learning environment, and have the desire to learn. It’s the first step in finding out if this is the right Programme for you.

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The Programme aims to prepare high calibre individuals who posses analytical, technical, and personal skills with a broad understanding of the principles of financial theory. A career within the field of Accounting, Banking and Finance is exciting and rewarding.

In general, the accounting direction through specialized courses, aims to meet the professional needs of the accounting and finance sector.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Accounting, Banking and Finance, with the knowledge and skills they will gain will have excellent job prospects in the public and private sector.

You’ll work with a diverse group of executive peers and an outstanding faculty with extensive real-world experience to form a strong network of learning.

We produce competent graduates for a successful financial career.


  1. A Bachelor's Degree obtained after completing all mandatory courses is able to undertake laboratory/experimental work in the field of nanotechnology.

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