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The professional bachelor dating guide

The Bachelor of Accounting, Banking and Finance will definitely enhance your career prospects in the current competitive job market.

You will join a unique learning community who is passionate to communicate knowledge and will challenge and energize you Here everyone works together, immersed in a rigorous, collaborative learning environment that encourages risk-taking and questioning.

Offers the opportunity for specialization in Investment Analysis, Investment Banking, and the Financial Business Management and Banking.

In the fourth year, however, the student must write a dissertation that will cover additional teaching part of the program.

In general, the accounting direction through specialized courses, aims to meet the professional needs of the accounting and finance sector.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Accounting, Banking and Finance, with the knowledge and skills they will gain will have excellent job prospects in the public and private sector.

This is supported in this contributes by the constant availability of jobs in the industry.

The Programme offers two concentrations in Banking and Finance and in Accounting and Finance which lead to professional accreditation.

This objective is achieved through modern and alternative teaching methods and incorporating the latest developments in the field of Finance.

The direction of Banking provides the student with a comprehensive theoretical and applied education in the field of financial services and markets, both nationally and globally.

The world of finance, with its diverse career opportunities and continuing demand for capable professionals, is an attractive career choice for high calibre individuals.

This bachelor allows you to work within the largest companies of the world including Investment & Commercial Banks, Hedge Funds, economic organizations or the government.


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