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Candy Porbansky, a 52-year-old Oxnard widow and grandmother, paid ,000 to join.By comparison, Carolyn Sweeney, 49, a single mom from Agoura Hills who had recently been laid off, and Tiffany Ghiselin, 45, a North Hollywood information technology consultant, got a bargain at ,000 and ,500 respectively.Continue Reading Hijack and Kidnap Your Spouse for Date Night Do you have a hankering for a little extra alone time with your spouse? Take them on a fun and adventurous date night—all while being handcuffed together!It will be a hilarious date night to remember, complete with a disguise, handcuffs, dinner, target practice, and a hideout for you to have them all to yourself.

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Not quite sure what to do to celebrate as a couple? Find out by playing a super SASSY round of the game, "Deal or No Deal" in the bedroom!Well, we've got you covered so you can spoil your sweetheart! Inspired by the famous TV game show, your spouse can select from different envelopes that all contain loving tasks that they can earn.We've gathered 100 date ideas for the most romantic Valentine's Day! Better than money, one envelope will contain the ultimate prize. Continue Reading Couple's Cafe Your Dinner Our Printables = Quick & Fun Dinner Date Night Are you already planning on making dinner tonight? Just print off these super cute printables to go with it, and you have yourself an instant date night. Sometimes life gets crazy and we don't always have time to plan or prepare something super fancy, but it's the little things that mean the most.We all have a little country (or a lot of country) in us.Take your spouse out horseback riding, country dancing, 4-wheeling, or picnicking in the pasture.The grocery store may not be everyone's favorite place to go, BUT here is a fun idea that might change that!The next time you send your sweetie to the store for something "real quick", send them with this unique Dating-Diva-approved grocery list and they will be...(And if not, read on for the best way to write a love letter, ever!) Now, The Dating Divas have created the ultimate...Continue Reading It's almost time for Fall Family Pictures again!Last fall we aired our popular 101 Family Picture Tips & Ideas to give you TONS of ideas and inspiration. Over 100 Couples Photography Ideas Here at The Dating Divas, we believe in the importance of couples pictures.


  1. Welcome to our blog! Here, we post previews from recent weddings, and some personal updates too.

  2. Feb 20, 2018. Give Thoughtful and Unique Gifts With Our NEW Open When Letters Kit! Have you ever been at a loss to write the perfect love letter for your spouse - the perfect sentiment when they need a laugh, a hug, or support after a bad day? We thought so! If you've spent any time on Pinterest, chances are you've.

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