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Updating registry with ocx files

Unfortunately, apart maybe from using Desaware's Version Stamper (0) which I haven't tried, I don't know of a good way.A kludge could be to call a batch file before compiling the EXE to generate a list of dependencies from the VBP, FRM, and BAS files (looking for Object, Reference, and Declare's), have the VB IDE call a second batch file to stick this list in the EXE using eg.Cleanpcguide What a day we had and the family pulled back up in our driveway one from our kitty's was waiting on a porch and sure startled her in our "Space suits and helmets" that she jumped off the front porch and skidded around along side it of dwelling in computer running slow!We sure had a good laugh and looked later for kitty to express all appropriate!Cleanpcguide Cleanpcguide Click here for an opportunity to win a bazillion dollars. You won't win anything, even so might make another .000001 of a penny. Cleanpcguide I am sure every computer user has ever experienced blue screen which is called blue screen of death.Though better operating systems have been developed, the frequency of blue screen error never goes down because of users' indeliberately wrong operation or the errors from systems.EXE is required to register the type library STDOLE2. Since there doesn't seem to be any simple way to check whether the VB runtime is installed through an API call, you can check for the presence of $SYSTEM$\MSVBVM50.DLL and assume that if it's there, there's a 99% chance that the rest is there too and running.

Just like VB applications, an Active X can be compiled in either native code (bigger but faster) or p-code (smaller but slower); for bigger controls, you should prefer p-code when building Active X controls to be used in web pages.To prevent unnecessary dependencies from showing up for your Active X control, check the "Remove information about unused Active X Controls" option. REG" and run it, it will install the license key required and allow developers on that computer to use your Active X control to develop other applications with.If you wish to build and sell an Active X, in the project properties, check the "Require License Key" option: This will make compulsory to have a license to use the control in development mode while making it freely available in compiled programs. VBL" file in the application's directory when you compile it (which is simply a ". You can also programmatically insert the registry key contained within the ".Unlike Inno Setup, NSIS offers a scripting language, which could be more practical to perform some kung-fu tricks during install (eg.downloading OCX's from your web site, etc.) Make sure the user is logged on with administrative rights, and be aware of the Windows File Protection (a.k.a.As explained in the help file of Dependency Walker, there's no sure-fire way to get a list of depencies that a VB program needs.Ideally, you call a routine in Main() recursively so as to get a list, check that all is well, provide a way to silently download and reinstall if not.Note that an OCX/Active X can contain more than one object, so don't generate multiple OCXs when one could suffice.The difference between an Active X EXE and an Active X DLL is that the former runs in its own process (out-of-process), while the latter lives in the same process as the program that called the DLL (in-process).System File Checker, SFC) available on Windows 2000 and XP, which prevent system files from being replaced, which could keep your installer from successfully installing or updating system files.Read Disabling Windows File Protection in Windows 2000 and Windows XP or Dispelling WFP myths by By Jeremy Collake.


  1. Appeon Server Configuration Guide for. But if the application calls OCX/DLL/OLE files. Close Registry Editor so changes will be saved.

  2. Updating OCX/DLLS w. I have a client setup kit written that puts the client software in Program Files. read a registry key that stores an admin uid.

  3. DLL-files Fixer has been discontinued, our new product Client will solve all your DLL errors! Read about our new product offering here.

  4. Most of the other controls such as the Tabbed Dialog Control in tabctl32have the same version number and file date as the corresponding comctl32

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