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Ups not updating tracking

For your information, it requires 3 to 5 days until shipment is delivered to you when it comes to UPS Ground.

Another drawback is that, the tracking system can be so confusing sometimes.

Despite there several scans for your shipment, such as, arrival scan, delivered scan, departure scan, export scan, exception scan and more, the distance between each scan can be far away.

And that is the reason why in particular occurrence UPS Sure Post tracking not updating.

there was a report on the news today about bogus websites made to look like the real thing.......... However, the prices were very nice on this website (It seems legit) so I ordered before I did my research.

I'm usually very cautious and can identify legit websites with the "Lock" and Https as well as using BBB if possible.

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The aircraft may have landed with an arrival scan, but the volume may not yet have been unloaded or processed for the ground operation that moves it to the next location or final delivery center. Regardless of the way it happened, though, and the true location of my stuff, the end result was the same: My perishable package was somewhere en route, and delayed. But it's surprising to learn that these delivery companies' online tracking systems aren't as plainspoken as customers believe them to be.

Before you get panicked and think that your package is delivered somewhere or gone missing, learn about UPS delivery system will give you peace on mind.

A UPS Sure Post service is affordable shipping service compared to another UPS service like UPS Ground for commercial and residential purposes.

The other shoes and the bag that said "Shipped" still show up as invalid numbers and in the email finishline states that their economy shipping is 11 days (by december 6th).

I just checked my tracking number again the shoes that said "processed" yesterday now say they will arrive in 3 days. I'm guessing its due to the holiday season and my order being and irrelevant lol.


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